5 things we love about ethical brand: Thought Clothing!

After reading Thought Clothing’s mantra “Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on,” we instantly fell in love. All about slow fashion, sustainable materials and long lasting clothing, Thought is definitely one of our favourite ethical clothing brands. Thus we’ve listed 5 reasons why we love them and why you should too!

Thoughtful Fabric and Design

  • Fabric: Thought uses breathable bamboo, organic cotton, 100% natural wool, hemp, recycled rayon, polyester and tencel. Their fabrics are always natural, sustainable and approved.
  • Design: Thought is a contemporary sustainable fashion brand. Their designers value key classic pieces that are timeless – so sustainability meets modern fashion? Of course Yes!

Thought Clothing Underwear

Thought’s 100% organic bamboo underwear is cool, soft and long lasting. This range includes boxer shorts, briefs and vests. Our favourite is this brief gift box which would be a very cute gift to yourself or a friend!

Thought Clothing Underwear

Thoughtful Denim:

Their denim collection is made from 100% soft and organic cotton. Their range includes slim fit jeans, pinafore dresses, culottes, short and shirts. A key piece in our wardrobes this summer are these paper bag waist shorts! Indeed, they are very stylish and comfortable.

Thought Clothing Denim

Thoughtful tips

Thought’s Thoughtful aftercare section on their website is full of tips to help stick to their mantra: “Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on”. So it is really helpful if you are into a sustainable lifestyle.

Besides, they include tips on saving on utility and energy bills, how to shop smart and how to upcycle.

Thoughtful prices

Thought is an affordable clothing brand as most of their products are below £100 (even their jackets and coats!)

Finally, they have amazing sales too!

Check out their website. We are sure you’ll find something for yourself and your loved ones. Happy shopping!

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