This is a Changemaker: Meet Barbara

“This is a change maker” is a new format for our community to connect and inspire each other. And it’s meant to stay so be ready!

We often doubt our abilities to make an impact and fail to recognize ourselves for what we are: changemakers. This post series aims to support you in being proud of yourself, celebrating yourself and owning your strength.

I could not be happier to start it with Barbara, a changemaker I truly admire. She’s kicking ass and changing the narratives in the fashion industry in her very own way. She’s also one of my oldest clients and I am so proud of her! Thank you Barabara for trusting me and playing this game with all of us! I am so grateful to have you in my community. 

So are you getting an inspiration hit from this blog post? Keep on reading!

About Barbara, founder of Le patron de mes rêves

After obtaining a Ph.D. in oncology, Barbara decided to pursue a career change in order to create her dream: building a company that changes the lives of women and puts an end to modern slavery in the fashion industry. She is a cat mom, a vegan, and she enjoys staying active. She walks a lot, and she’s happiest when she’s outdoors in nature.

What’s a changemaker according to you?

For me, a changemaker is someone with the mission to improve and change the world for the better. This is something this person can’t help but do. The change they want to participate in is closely linked to their values.

What impact do you make on our world? What’s your mission?

My main mission is to change the fashion industry. I want to do that by helping women create garments according to their unique body shapes. I believe that if more women create garments that fit their unique bodies, styles, and use clothing to express their creativity and values, it will inspire more women to have the same standard. 

Eventually, the fashion industry will have to adapt to create well-crafted garments that empower women and are not associated with modern slavery. So, helping women create garments according to their unique body shapes, to me, means changing the fashion industry regarding sizes, addressing modern slavery, and prioritizing quality over quantity.

What’s one tip you’d like to share with the community to make a bigger impact?

I would encourage them to focus on finding garments that fit their bodies and how they feel inside those garments rather than following trends.

How do you protect your mental health on the path to creating change?

I invest a significant amount of time and resources in self-development. I read extensively, attend workshops, join memberships, and seek coaching.

Coaching is my primary tool when I aim to achieve something new and significant. It helps me take care of myself while making steady progress and accelerates my personal growth.

Follow Barbara on instagram @lepatrondemesreves to find out more about her work or discover her website here.

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