Our Story

Hello gorgeous soul! 

First off thanks for landing here and be willing to learn a little more about me and welcome to my sustainable lifestyle community. ?

I am not gonna lie and tell you I’ve been into sustainability since I was born. Nope! There is a story behind it. That about page is not gonna be full of stats and figures to prove how successful I am. While I can and I did that, I wanted that page to be authentic, honest and tell my story. So here we go! 

How it all started…

My sustainable journey started when I moved to Malaysia in 2016 which is pretty ironic considering that the country was not even recycling at the time. After spending my whole life in France and England, I assumed that recycling was the norm. Arfffff how cute and naive was I. Sustainable and natural options were not accessible everywhere AT ALL. 

From An Ethical Marketplace

Everything started after that reality check! I created a sustainable marketplace to give all planet earth inhabitant a chance to shop natural skincare and sustainable fashion. And as I knew awareness needed to be raised, the shop will come with a blog. Attitude Organic was born! Tadaaaaaa just like this. No business plan, no funds, no team, just me and my laptop in a malaysian Starbucks! Yeah I know, not a very sustainable location choice. ?

And that went on for couple of years. In 2018, I let go of my 9 to 5 in Asia and went backpacking Central America. Best move of my life, but that’s a story for another time. On the road, I kept reducing my carbon footprint, I adopted a minimalist lifestyle (when your life weighs a 15KG backpack, you have no other choice), I was 100% veggie and vegan a few months later. I started reading, researching, comparing brands and became a sustainable lifestyle expert while growing my e-commerce baby and sharing all I knew on the blog. 

One day, while I was adding products to the marketplace and burning myself out writing content, I had a huge realization. What was I doing? How could I teach people how to stop over consuming AND publish ads on Facebook for sustainable products? I felt like an imposter and a failure so I stopped it all! 

And a Blog

2019 came as a relief. No more marketplace, it was time to focus on content, education and teaching. I embraced my new content creator role with so much joy and dedication. I am so proud of the blog I created and I hope that one day, I’ll get a decent amount of money for that huge work. Learn more about the blog here! And guess what? That did not feel good for very long because sustainable brands broke my heart! Read more on this here! 

2020 was the most beautiful year of my life! Except the covid part of course… I grew a lot more than I could ever imagine. I would not relie on brands only anymore. I would not chase them, I would only work with brands that are truly ethical, respect my work and are attracted by me. If you are one of those, I’d love us to see how we can work together. I’ll meet you there! 

To Sustainable Lifestyle Coaching & Mentoring

It sounds like I would just work less, doesn’t it? Well not at al! Because a discussion I had with a friend caught my attention. She read the blog, she learnt about vegan fashion, yet she had so many questions and was so overwhelmed. That day, it hit me! People do not need anymore free content, they can already find it if they look for it. What they need is guidance, mentoring, coaching. And that’s how I became a sustainable lifestyle coach. OR a proud Eco mama as I like to call myself. Do you think I’ll be able to write that on my business card? Hahaha If you wanna learn more about my 1:1 sustainable lifestyle coaching program, I’ll see you there! 

We’re now in 2021 and I can tell that after 29 years of soul searching, I found my purpose! Helping people become the best version of themselves nourishes me deeply. And from my clients feedback, I am damn good at it! Let’s see what the life has in store for me! 

With love and light,