Marine’s Story

The long and tumultuous journey of a changemaker, an eco-mama and a sustainable life coach for changemakers!

Dear changemakers,

Thanks for landing here, your interest in learning about me and welcome to my sustainable life community.

I am not gonna lie and tell you I’ve been into sustainability since I was born. There is a “long” story behind it and I am gonna share it on that page. My story is not gonna be full of stats to prove how successful I am but an authentic and honest walk through my own relationship to sustainability. So here we go! 

My sustainable journey started when I moved to Malaysia in 2016 which is pretty ironic considering that the country was not even recycling at the time. I had assumed for years that it was the norm. Seriously, how cute and naive I was? 

After that reality check, I created a sustainable lifestyle blog and community to raise awareness. Remember that back in 2017, sustainability was not yet THE hot topic! Tadaaaaaa just like this: Attitude Organic was born! No business plan, no funds, no team, just me and my laptop in a Malaysian Starbucks! Yeah I know, not a very sustainable location choice. At that point, I was not an expert at all but I was committed to learn, dig deep and document the whole journey on the blog.

In 2018, I quitted my 9 to 5 in Asia and I went backpacking Central America. On the road, I kept reducing my carbon footprint, I adopted a minimalist lifestyle (when your life weighs a 15KG backpack, you have no other choice), I was 100% veggie and vegan a few months later. I started reading, researching, comparing brands and became a sustainable lifestyle expert while growing Attitude Organic, my baby! 

I embraced my new content creator role and my new identity as a business owner with so much joy and dedication. I am so proud of the blog I created and I hope that one day, I’ll get a decent amount of money for that huge work. Indeed, really quickly, sustainable brands broke my heart! Read more on this here! 

Sustainability became my whole life. Running a sustainable lifestyle blog and community full time was incredibly rewarding but it was also hard on me. Burnout and eco-anxiety hit me. I started feeling like an imposter as a sustainable business owner and as an activist. I thought that I was not doing good enough. I was working about 12 hours a day, learning about sustainability, campaigning for people to join the fight and running a business. I spent the free hours of my day worrying about how I was not doing enough for you, for Mother Earth, for my business. My anxiety was so wild that I needed alcohol to relax. Although I  was in Mexico, literally in paradise, I was unable to enjoy the present moment. I worked my ass off, I fought harder and harder for a brighter future but I ruined my daily life. I put my mental health at risk for the environmental cause. I felt guilty when I was resting and I beat myself up when I was not matching that perfect eco-warrior identity I had built for myself. I hated myself and I hated my creation.

I was a strong eco warrior and a powerful activist but I had built a very unsustainable life for myself. I was relying on my toxic masculine energy. I turned into a go-getter who had totally forgotten her feminine energy, her creative flow and her artist side. That’s when I said stop, no more!

I entered the self development world. I invested in myself, I recovered and I grew up. And it hit me! People do not need anymore free content, they can already find it if they look for it. What they need is guidance, mentoring, coaching. And that’s how I became a sustainable lifestyle coach. Or a proud Eco mama as I like to call myself. I created my 1:1 sustainable lifestyle mentoring program. After 29 years of soul searching, I had found my purpose. Helping people become the best version of themselves nourishes me very deeply and I am damn good at it! My coaching went way beyond providing tips to transition towards a plant based, low waste lifestyle. I went deep into understanding people’s consumption behavior as a coping mechanism, their need to over-achieve to feel like they are good people, their guilt when they are not perfect, their sense of over-responsibility, their need to save everyone…  

I could see now how my burn-out was a hidden gift. All the difficulties I faced woke me up to what changemakers needed. All that inner work could be used as tools and knowledge that I could use to support you. In 2021, I took my mission to serve changemakers, ecowarriors and activists to the next level. I really wanted to create a safe space, where I could hold their full complexity so I got certified as a Mastery Method life coach. Little did I know that the depth of the work I put in and the transformation I went through would be the most challenging and magical experience. I learnt to love myself fully, as a whole, no matter what. Even in the rough times, even in the shame, even when I make mistakes. I healed traumatic experiences, I embraced all parts of my identity and I claimed that I wanted better for myself. I wanted a more sustainable life for myself. Read more about the full experience here.

And I could see all my changemaking sisters, all of you secretly craving the same. I want your beautiful souls to wake up to what they are, to your worth, to your power, to your connection to the whole, to what you deeply want so you can also claim sustainability for yourself: a happier, more peaceful and more meaningful life. 

I am now leading the new sustainability revolution where sustainability can flow through all of us. I fight for sustainability to come from the inside out and spill all over humanity and Mother Earth. I am fully embracing my role as a life coach for changemakers, ecowarriors, activists and ethical business owners. I have been coaching dozens of changemakers to in finding self-confidence and the inner peace to pursue their mission & make an impact. And I am loving it! Read more about my 1:1 coaching container for changemakers here.

With love,