The Changemaking Sisters Circle

The Changemaking Sisters Circle

Dear changemaking sisters, I know that you fight for a brighter future, BUT…

Are you actually building a brighter life for yourself?

Way too often the most beautiful souls are the ones neglecting themselves and denying their own rights to a brighter future. That’s why I created The Changemaking Sisters Circle:

A community for changemakers to gather, go inwards & fill their cup so they can build the brighter future they wanna see!

This is my brand new & most affordable offer

A 22€ per month membership

1 vegan latte per week 😉

It’s perfect for you if:

You wanna start working on yourself to heal, grow and be able to say what you want out loud. 

 You are new to self development + coaching and you are curious about what it’s like to be guided on the way to healing and becoming your best self.

You DO KNOW that you gotta start putting some work towards your goals & be supported but you are tight on money. 

You want to ask all your questions related to mindset, subconscious programming, and emotions management to be answered.

You wanna be in my energy and get a taste of my work.

You wanna be connected to other changemakers.

You love breathwork and wanna make it a regular practice. 

You have already worked with me and wanna stay connected a lil longer.

What’s included?

You’ll receive 2 live monthly breathwork sessions to process your emotions and tap into your intuitions.

+ 2 monthly live coaching Q&As, where I’ll personally answer ALL your Qs related to mindset blocks, subconscious programming, emotions management.

Dear changemakers, you are your best investment! You are worth a lot more than one coffee per week 😉

About me

I have been fighting for a sustainable world since 2018 and I’ve burnt out twice doing so. I came to realize that inner work is not a luxury but a necessity if we want to contribute to a brighter future. 

I invested in various coaches and programs to heal, to grow, to step into my best self, the one I needed to become to save our world. I am now a certified Life Coach For Changemakers and I have been working with beautiful souls who deeply cared about humanity and nature to create a life that is sustainable for them. 

As a changemaker myself, I know that we are so special. I know that some of our challenges are unique. I get it. I won’t dismiss your beliefs and ideas that can be how so different from others. Read my full story here.

Past clients’ love



  1. What’s the schedule of the calls like? Calls take place weekdays after 5.30pm Paris Time. I created polls in our FB group to give you an opportunity to choose suitable times for you. They can happen on different days of the week to ensure that everyone can attend at least one live session per month (and get the minimum value for your 22€ investment)
  2. What is coaching & how can it help me change it world?
  3. What are the benefits of breathwork? Is it safe? 
  4. Can you give me an example of a question I can ask to get coached on?