Organic cotton underwear: Organic Basics

Are you looking for an Organic cotton underwear brand? Read below to discover why you should go for Organic basics!

Why do you need Organic Cotton underwear?


Organic cotton underwear is a must! What could be more important than not wearing chemical close to your vagina? If you do not want to apply them on your skin, do not let them invade your panties!

Organic cotton underwear are breathable and keep your private parts fresh. They prevent the growth of bacteria by keeping you dry.

If you want to go even further, read our article about conscious period and learn how you can protect yourself from chemicals during your period while being more eco-friendly!

Organic Basics: an organic cotton underwear brand

Organic Basics Bra

Organic Basics is an organic cotton underwear brand based in San Francisco. They have 3 main goals: offering trendy simple designs, produced in ultra soft organic cotton and using a very advanced silver fibre technology for sustainable purpose!

The organic cotton is grown in Europe and GOTS certified. You can trust it to be not only super-soft, but also chemical free!

Organ basics: a sustainable fashion brand?

Organic Basics Socks

Silver tech fibres prevent the growth of bacteria which should reduce the washing frequency. Indeed, silvertech organic basics stop odour-causing bacteria on fabrics which would require you to wash your underwear less often, save water, energy and reduce greenhouse gas.

Watch that video from Organic Basic if you want to learn more about how Silver Tech Underwear work.

Attitude Organic’s opinion

Organic Basics offers a very minimal and trendy range that we love. There is no doubt that there are comfortable.

We also like the fact that they use organic cotton which is chemical free and healthier for your intimate part.

However, we have our doubt about the silvertech organic basics argument. We wash underwear, not only to get rid of the odours, but also the bacteria in general. Let’s remind here, that the cleanest way to wash your underwear is actually to boil them. Not washing your panties properly could be the cause of fungus growth if you are subject to this kind of issues. (Sorry ladies, not sexy at all).

Our advise would be to go for it, they are dreamy but please keep doing your laundry properly!

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