Coach For Changemakers

Coach For Changemakers

Hello beautiful changemaker!

I trust that you landed here because you dream of a brighter future and you are ready to stand up for it. Whether you are an activist, an ethical business owner or even an eco-warrior, I am grateful for you and the brilliance you bring to our world. 

Let me ask you, besides fighting for a sustainable world

Are you actually building a sustainable life for yourself?

Way too often the most beautiful souls are the ones neglecting themselves and denying their own rights to a brighter future.

So changemaking sisters

Are you so busy that  you don’t take enough time off to relax and rest?

Are you tired of over-doing, over-achieving, over-everything to feel enough?

Are you so angry and frustrated when you look at the current situation of the world and that you are constantly in fight mode?

Do you feel like you have to carry the world on your shoulders because if you don’t, who will make the change happen?

Are you burning out to bring the change you wanna see in our world? 

Are you suffering from eco-anxiety?

Are you dreaming of restoring your inner peace?

Are you sticking to what society expects from you instead of claiming your life back? 

Do you feel like you miss a sense of purpose?

Are you dreaming of starting a sustainable business or building an NGO but you’re doubting yourself and your abilities to succeed?

Here is the thing

If you are miserable, it’s not sustainable. 

You can’t build a sustainable world if this world is not sustainable for you.

AKA enjoyable AND meaningful! You can have impact AND peace. 

Of course you are bored of our society, of our political and economical systems, of all those rules that tell us that you are not enough, that you need to keep pushing, that you need to do more, to own more and to be more.

Of course you are exhausted if you spend your time fighting. 

Of course you are feeling empty if there is no sense of purpose in your life.

It’s high time for sustainability to reach a brand new level.

It’s time for a sustainability revolution. 


a world where sustainability flows through people, from the inside out and spills all over humanity and Mother Earth.

a world where sustainability is a loving gift that we make to ourselves and to others. 

a world where you know who you are, your worth, your power and your connection to the whole. 

a world where it is safe for you to express what you deeply want and go for it. 

a world where you can finally claim sustainability for yourself. 

a life where you wake up everyday feeling good about yourself, certain that you matter and that you are enough just the way you are. Knowing that whatever you want, you can get. 

a life where you are happy, calm and at peace with a deep sense of purpose. 

a life that allows you to slow down.

a life that is impactful and peaceful. 

a life where you know when to fight and when to stop for greater good.

That’s what I call a sustainable life. You, building your dream life so that you can give your best to Mother Earth and to all of us.

Changemaking sisters, are you with me?

If you are done with settling for any less than your heart and soul’s desire, let me invite you to my revolution and to a new reality.  

Let me guide you on a beautiful healing journey to finally embody your best self and create the ripple effect that will spread the kindness, justice and « care » that will heal Mother Earth. 

Are you ready to start a sustainable life for yourself? 

I’ve got you, simply fill that application form and I’ll be in touch.

As a life coach, I will support you in overcoming all your outer and inner challenges so you can become the best version of yourself and live a happier, calmer, more meaningful life. Let’s go deep and create sustainability from the inside-out.

Let’s work on you and develop within you all you need to create a powerful shift in your life and in our world. 

My 1:1 life coaching container is for you if you want to: 

Stand up for yourself.

Learn how to love yourself unconditionally.

Build up your self-worth and self-confidence.

Break your over-achieving pattern.

Overcome your fears and finally claim what your soul desires.

Take action to get what you want: whether it’s starting a business, a NGO, a sustainability degree, a sustainable career…

Receive what you crave for: freedom, peace, joy, love, pleasure, fun

Get your anxiety under control to be calmer and more relaxed. 

Learn how to prioritize yourself over the causes you support.

Balance your warrior energy with love & compassion.

Set strong boundaries with people & develop healthier relationships.

You, changemaker, need to wake up and re-prioritize yourself.

You are worthy.

You are allowed to build a beautiful life for yourself.

You gotta fill your own cup so you can do the work you are meant to do.

You are only able to pursue your mission as far as you are taking care of your inner world. Your vision for Mother Earth depends on it.

About me: a Coach For Changemakers

Believe me when I say:

If your life is not sustainable for you, you can’t make it sustainable for the planet

I have made that mistake!

I have been fighting for a sustainable world since 2018 and I’ve burnt out twice doing so. The second round of hell made me realize that inner work is not a luxury but a necessity if we want to contribute to a brighter future. 

So I invested in various coaches and programs to heal, to grow, to step into my best self, the one I needed to become to save our world. I started noticing a huge ripple effect in the way I impacted Mother Earth. 

I am now a certified Life Coach For Changemakers and I have been working with beautiful souls who deeply cared about humanity and nature to create a life that is sustainable for them. 

As a changemaker myself, I know that we are so special. I know that some of our challenges are unique. I get it. I won’t dismiss your beliefs and ideas that can be how so different from others. 

Do you also wanna be THAT confident, calm, joyful and whole that the only thing you wanna do is good for yourself, the others and our world? Here is your sign that it’s high time!

Read my full story here.

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Want Me As Your Coach For Changemakers? 

It’s easy! 

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  2. I’ll make sure it’s a good match and that I am the best person to support you. 
  3. I’ll get back in touch ASAP to inform you of your next step. Either scheduling a discovery call to discuss how we could work together or re-direct you towards a resource that would be a better fit. 


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