About Attitude Organic

Attitude Organic is the leader of the new sustainability revolution.

We created a safe community for the changemakers, the ecowarriors and the conscious human beings worldwide who are ready to fight less, to love more and to make sustainability easier on every single one of us.

All our content on the blog and on socials, our mentoring programs and our coaching containers support sustainability from the inside out. 

A Fresh Vision For Sustainability!

Attitude Organic aims to create a world where sustainability is not only an environmental, social and economical concept, nor a lifestyle or a cause to fight for. It is all about sustainability as a new way of being with yourself and with others, a new way of acting that respects Mother Earth and all beings, including yourself. 

At Attitude Organic, we don’t believe in sustainability as a constraint or a sacrifice. We want sustainability to come from love, a gift from self to self and to others. We want sustainability to flow through you, not be pushed on you.

Creating A Sustainable Life For Oneself To Join The Sustainability revolution!

We want your beautiful souls to wake up to what they are, to your worth, to your power, to your connection to the whole, to what you deeply want so you can claim sustainability for yourself: a happier, more peaceful and more meaningful life. 

The sustainable revolution involves loving yourself so deeply that you build that dream life for yourself. Isn’t it what it means eventually to build a sustainable life for oneself? 

A life where you are content with a healthy ego that won’t push you to over- consume, eat, do, buy, waste, destroy Mother Earth to compete with the Joneses whom you despite. A life where you care for yourself and the world you live in equally and don’t beat yourself up for what you do wrong. 

Life Coaching For Changemakers: A Key To The Sustainability Revolution

We believe in the power of making yourself so confident, calm, joyful and whole that the only thing you wanna do is good for yourself, the others and our world. 

Invest in yourself, do the inner work, find that self-confidence and that inner peace you need to pursue your life mission and make an impact. Start that green business, recover from that eco-anxiety, learn to create meaningful relationships!

Leading The Sustainability Revolution In A Practical Way

Obviously the sustainable revolution results in reducing your environmental impact and protecting Mother Earth. Since 2017, our founder and Eco Mama: Marine Leclerc has been growing a blog and a community that have helped thousands of women start their holistic transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle for free.

We have also developed a mentoring program for the ecowarriors willing to be more sustainable, go from guilt and overwhelm to an easy and healthy eco lifestyle they are proud of. We have provided dozens of women with all the tools they need to reach their new ethical and sustainable goals!

The Sustainability Revolution = Sustainable For You + The Planet!

We can’t create a sustainable world if we are miserable and we can’t be happy in a broken world. 

To protect Mother Earth, we gotta take care of ourselves. 

And taking care of Mother Earth will nourish our souls and our bodies. 

Perfect virtuous cycle!

Doesn’t that make sense?

Look at that!

Now that you know our story: welcome to our conscious changemakers community and to the sustainability revolution! We appreciate you immensely for caring so much about our future.

We see 3 paths for you. 

  1. Let’s go deep and create sustainability from the inside-out. Let’s work on you and develop within you all you need to create a powerful shift in our world. Marine is here to support beautiful souls to heal, embody their best selves and create a ripple effect that will spread the kindness, fairness and « careness » that will heal Mother Earth. 
  2. Let’s keep it simple and straight to the point! Marine loves sharing with change makers & eco-warriors her proven framework to build a sustainable lifestyle that will feel good to you and drastically reduce your impact on Mother Earth. 
  3. Keep learning as much as you can from our free resources on the blog and on Instagram and don’t forget to implement. 

Whatever path you pick is up to you, they all work ? Follow your intuition and trust that you know what’s best for you right now. And remember, one way doesn’t exclude the other. It can be both, and…

If you’re a brand, I’ll meet you there.