The Best Yoga App for the Busy Yogi: 5 of the best online yoga courses

Ever think to yourself that yoga is the perfect way to get your daily exercise in? That it would the perfect way to find your release but are just a too busy? Bolstered by the rise of the Instagram yogi, there are now more apps and online yoga classes, so you can get your sweat and stretch home. Discover the best Yoga App for you now!

Benefits to Online Yoga Classes!

Not only is this a good way to jump start your yoga habit, it is a quick and easy way to get your fix. Almost all the apps that you can find are easily customizable. They allow you to adjust the duration, intensity, focus, and choose your own music. Rather than take a couple hours out of your crazy schedule to go to your studio and elbow your way to a mat space, you can flip out your phone and flow. Find the Best Yoga App for you now as we reviewed them for you!

Top 5 Yoga Apps to try:

Down Dog, one of the best yoga app:

One of the easiest apps to use, allows you to do yoga at home while also tailoring to your needs. Your practice is led through calm instruction accompanied by pictures and videos to help you with your poses. Customize your practice by choosing your focus: do you need to open your hips, strengthen your core or improve your backbends?  You can set up a specific type of sequence, tailored to your needs.  Only have time for a short flow? No problem, just select the amount of time you have, and voila! You are on your way to achieving your yoga goals.


If working with the worlds’ top coaches is more your style, try Cody. They have partnered with some of the top yogis and fitness instructors to come up with over 250 online yoga courses. Still want the community aspect of fitness classes? Here you can log and track your workouts and post them to your profile, while other Cody members can leave comments to help motivate or inspire. Not feeling the yoga some days?  The app also provides other fitness plans: Pilates, HITT, barre, meditation, and for an added bonus, nutritional guides!

Asana Rebel:

For those who prefer more rigorous exercises but still want the benefits of yoga, the this is the app for you. It mixes traditional yoga inspired moves with interval training. Actually, think of it as fitness yoga. You can choose from an array of different programs, that tracks your progress and reminds you to get in your daily sweat. Through video instruction, get the abs you have always dreamed of while finding your inner yogi.

Yoga Studio:

Want a more traditional route? This app is the Best Yoga App for you and provides 80+ ready-made yoga and meditation classes ranging from 10 to 60 minutes. You can even “schedule classes” and add them to your calendar to keep yourself accountable. Yoga Studio offers different collections of online yoga classes like: yoga for back pain, yoga for runners, prenatal yoga, and even hip-hop yoga. And if a ready-made class isn’t your style they offer up a pose library to create your own practice.

Fit Star Yoga:

This app has teamed up with yoga expert Tara Stiles to create a yoga app that allows you to customize your own plan. Keep track of your progress through reaching daily achievements and milestones. New workouts are added every month so your practice doesn’t get stale and monotonous. An added benefit, this app pairs with My Fitness Pal  so you can keep track of your calories burned!

Why do yoga at home versus at a studio?

Though a proper yoga studio could be preferable to an online guide, practising on your own terms can have advantages. It can be daunting to walk into a studio if you aren’t experienced, or even if you are just shy. Thus, keep your practice mobile on-the-go until you feel more confident in your practice or have more time!

If you are into yoga anytime and anywhere, why not starting at the office. Check our article to find out how you can bring your yoga practice to work and exercise whenever you feel like it!