What Is Coaching And How Can It Help You Change The World?

I know that the nature and purpose of coaching is not crystal clear if you are not originally from the self development bubble.

Since I started coaching, I have seen more and more self help content appearing on sustainable influencers and activist socials. 

However, life coaching remains a blurry concept in the niche and I find it unfortunate, considering how critical self awareness, self confidence, self control and self love are for us, changemakers. 

Let me share today my thoughts on life coaching for changemakers and how it can help you change the world!

What Is Coaching And How Can It Help You Change The World?

What is coaching?

Coaching is all about supporting you in building your desired reality by providing the strategy, the accountability and the inner work to receive what you long for.

The main purpose of having a coach is to hit your craziest goals with a lot more grace, whether the goal is to create a more joyful, a more purposeful or a calmer life.

Therapy vs. Coaching

Therapy is about doing the inner work to heal. It’s a long process that is problem and past oriented. 

Coaching is solution and future oriented. It’s about doing the inner work to heal in service of hitting some goals you set. They might be inner goals (ex: feeling less anxious) and/or outer goals (ex: launching a NGO).

What’s the role of a coach? 

A coach guides its clients through a plan, supports them in stretching their capacity, getting out of their comfort zone to step into their power & finally up level their life.

Coaching can help with:

  • Finally launching THE sustainable biz or project you feel called to
  • Overcoming the burnout that’s about to be hard on you
  • Finding your purpose, the one that will animate you deep down
  • Falling in love with yourself & becoming so self confident that you feel unstoppable
  • Adding more joy & pleasure into your life
  • Transitioning from a career that drains you to one that inspires you
  • Handling stress & anxiety so you can freaking relax
  • Developing healthy relationships that will allow you to thrive
  • And so much more!

How can coaching help you change the world?

Dear changemaker, hear me out! 

  • Way too often, you fight to build a brighter future and neglect yourself on the way.
  • You are so busy that you don’t take enough time off to relax and rest.
  • You are tired of over-doing and overachieving to save us all.
  • You are angry and frustrated when you look at your current situation in the world.
  • You are constantly in fight mode.
  • You feel like you have to carry the world on your shoulders.
  • You burn out.
  • You suffer from eco-anxiety.

And here is the thing, if you are miserable, it’s not sustainable.

That’s where coaching helps!

It helps you fill your cup, find inner peace, take care of yourself so you keep on going with your mission. 

I know this because I have been there. I burnt myself out trying to convince people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. I felt like I had to save us all from climate change to the point I would work ALL day and night on growing my presence on Instagram to get people to care. 

I have been fighting with my friends and family about what they should eat or not every week. I was so exhausted and what for? Me being angry, tired and empty was leading me nowhere! Once I started doing the inner work, it all clicked for me. 

Why do changemakers need dedicated life coaches? 

Activists and change-makers are very different from other individuals and business owners. We have different needs and beliefs systems. We see the world from a different angle, our struggles come from a different root and we need a very different type of support. 

I believe that if you want to keep going with your mission and create the impact you wanna see in the world, you need 5 things: 

  1. Emotional mastery: you can’t have anger and frustration eating you alive. 
  2. A strong mindset so you keep questioning your world views and you don’t narrow your world by being stuck in the “us vs. them” story. Which I believe is so detrimental to all the activism initiatives I see lately. 
  3. Work on your self-worth, self love and self-care. Do you see how you need to overdo it all the time? That is surely a sign that you have to prove yourself something! Overachieving is NOT a good thing. 
  4. Clearing all negative energy so you can act from a place of love and attract people to you so they too are willing to change. 
  5. Money! So stop rejecting it!

How can I help?  

Together, we’ll do the inner work so you step into the calm, thriving and powerful change maker you can be. 

I’ll help you free yourself up from negative emotions, negative thoughts and over responsibility, so you can change the world with a clear mind, a loving heart and an energized body. You deserve self-care and self-love.

If that sounds like something that could be supportive to you, there are 3 ways for you to work with me. 

  1. My 1:1 Life Coaching Container. A 3 months package to deep dive into YOU, prioritizing your dreams and hitting some big, beautiful, world changing goals. You may learn more here, apply here and we’ll schedule a call to see if that’s a good fit for you!
  2. My Tip Toe Life Coaching Package. A smaller 1:1 package (2 sessions over 2 weeks), designed to give you a taste of what being coached could offer. While we obviously can’t go as deep as in a 3 months package, it’s an amazing opportunity to start working on yourself and/or elevate the pressure caused by a specific problem you face. See it as a quick temp fix, even though it’s been life changing (my client said it!) Learn more here
  3. The Changemaking Making Sisters Circle. My latest & most affordable offer. It’s perfect if you are tight on money but that you DO KNOW that you gotta start putting some work towards your goals, if you wanna be in my energy and if you wanna be connected to other changemakers. You’ll receive 2 live monthly breathwork sessions to process your emotions and tap into your intuition + 2 monthly live coaching Q&As, where I’ll personally answer ALL your Qs. Learn more here.