Sustainable Lifestyle Coaching

Sustainable Lifestyle Coaching

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Are you trying the best you can to be more sustainable but you know that there is a lot more you could do to live in alignment with your values? 

Yet you feel stuck because there are so many things you could do that you never thought about. 

Well babe, you are not alone. You are exactly where you are meant to be and I got your back! You don’t know what you don’t know and that’s absolutely normal. 

I am gonna share with you the one program you will need to reach the next step of your sustainable journey.

It will have a huge impact on our planet but also on your happiness and self esteem.  

Are you…

  • Already doing a lot to reduce your carbon footprint but you think you can do better?
  • Unsure about what the next step looks like for you?
  • Feeling guilty when you are not as eco-friendly or ethical as you know you should?
  • Thinking that you are lazy and that you don’t prioritize your sustainable journey enough?
  • Telling yourself that you don’t have the time and money to be more sustainable?
  • Aware of the environmental impacts of fast fashion but the prices are so low that it is hard to resist and you feel guilty about your shopping?
  • Mad at yourself for producing too much waste?
  • Struggling with your mental health because you are constantly into fight mode to convince everyone to be more sustainable?
  • Tired of explaining the same thing every day over and over again to people who mock you for your sustainable lifestyle choices?
  • Feeling eco anxiety?
  • Putting so much pressure on yourself to be 100% perfect that you break and make the journey miserable?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, that 1:1 coaching program will change the game

Now imagine…

How would it look like if you were already the best eco warrior you know you can become?

  • You went all the way and you reached the next level of your sustainable journey
  • You are always crystal clear on what the next step is for you
  • You live with purpose and in alignment with your values. 
  • You are prouder than you have ever been. 
  • You convince more people easily and all together you can create a huge impact and make the world a better place
  • You protect yourself from people’s judgment and you are not into fight mode anymore
  • You are contributing to saving the planet in your own way
  • You build a healthier life for yourself and a brighter future for the generations to come 
  • You found a perfect balance between sustainable for the world and sustainable for you
  • You are kind to yourself, you honour your journey and you celebrate when you accomplish new sustainable actions. 
  • You are motivated to be more sustainable because you have made it convenient for you and your loved ones. 

How does it feel? Good, huh?

Well babe…

I know exactly how it feels and I can help because eco-anxiety hit me hard too?

I have already thought that I was not doing good enough, I did not know how to improve because I was already doing the best I could. I was lost and overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge available out there. ?

I was for sure already reducing my impact but I remained in my comfort zone. I was aware I could do more but I lacked motivation, time and energy to do so! ?

 Finally, I was facing those challenges alone. ?

So I took time to recharge and recover from my break down. It took me two months to regain focus and clarity about my sustainable journey. ???? ?

I found a METHOD that works. I started fixing goals for my eco journey. That was an absolute game changer for me. I started feeling GOOD! No more confusion, doubts, guilt or overwhelm. I had a plan that motivated me to move forward. It was exciting and manageable. ??

And here I am, feeling happier than ever, proud of my life and the impact of my actions, convincing more and more people to join our fight. My new method worked like a charm. I am healthier and more mindful. 

How can I help you?

I wanna be your eco mama and help you build your day to day routine in the most sustainable way possible. Together, we will tailor your journey so it is also sustainable for your life. 

Look, I am guessing that if you are here, it’s because right now, you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and anxious. Because you wanna be more sustainable and become the best version of yourself. 

What if instead of the guilt and confusion you were motivated, supported, a lot more mindful and fulfilled? What if the next steps were that easy and crystal clear that you can enjoy every single moment of your new sustainable lifestyle?

Well babe, the only thing you are missing are the steps, the how, mindset shifts and a support system. And I am super excited because that is exactly what I want to offer you. 

So are you ready to embrace the new sustainable lifestyle that will make you proud? 

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Listen, I already know what you might be thinking: 

  • I don’t have the money 
  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t need someone to help me with that

But the truth is that:

  • I will save you money by avoiding you to fall for greenwashing. 
  • I will save you time by sharing with you more than 3 years of research, learning, testing and learning. 
  • If you are not there yet, it’s not because you don’t have the time or money, it’s mostly because you lack motivation, clarity and accountability.

The best way to overcome your struggles is to get someone to hold your hand.

The program is perfect for you if: 

  • You wanna gain clarity over your sustainable journey
  • You want a practical roadmap and a plan that you know will work for you 
  • You wanna go faster than you would do alone
  • You want someone to show you the way
  • You are dedicated to your sustainable journey and your own growth
  • You are ready to identify the problems: laziness, priorities and how you can  overcome them. 

This is NOT for you: 

If you love learning with trial and errors

If you are not willing to put the efforts into the journey 

If you consider yourself as sustainably perfect!

Ready to embrace the sustainable lifestyle of your dreams?

It’s easy!

The full 1:1 coaching program is 450€.

I offer a 3 months payment plan (3 x 150€ free of charge) and a full refund if you have not seen the results you hoped for. (Conditions apply)

Get your credit card, and click on the link below to save your spot.  

What are the eco warriors I worked with say?

“Thank you so much, Marine! It’s been a wonderful and very motivational journey with you. It’s only been three short sessions but I’ve gone from a state of “I really don’t think I can ever go vegan” to actually taking up the challenge to go vegan for a month. To think about how little confident I had back then about my sustainability journey and how I’ve achieved more than what I set out to is nothing but unbelievable. It wouldn’t have been possible without your constant support (which makes it so much easier) and reminder of the progress I’m making and your little sustainable tips and tricks! I’m so excited to take my sustainability journey further than what I’ve ever imagined, and this wouldn’t have happened without you. Thank you for being such an inspiration and role model ?”

-Carissa @carissahe

Finding my way to a more sustainable and vegan life isn’t easy, certainly not for my mental health. Marine really helped me with some ecotips and tips to protect my mental health. During our calls she really gave me some insights. She helped me realizing how I can do more and how I’m already doing so much.Thank you so much! – Charis @thisischaris

Marine’s sustainable coaching programme helped me achieve goals that I have been wanting to achieve for years (reducing food waste and investing in eco friendly swaps). She actively stimulates you to vision your goals and encourages you to make changes, whilst reminding you not to pressure yourself. She set me targets with deadlines to make sure I get them done, but also listened to me when I told her it was getting too overwhelming. Marine helped me by not only focusing on sustainable goals but also improving other aspects of my life like managing finances and time management. She is very friendly and understanding and works towards your specific goals. She is knowledgable and has many resources to help you. I’m glad I took this opportunity and started my sustainable journey with such a wonderful person. 🙂

-Sumeen @ikeegayi

Take A Sneak Peek At The Curriculum


How long will it take?

That program lasts 6 weeks but we will make sure that it works for you. It is not like a course, so it is super flexible. In terms of workload, that will depend on weeks and on your dedicated homework. It should not take any longer than 2 to 3 hours a week (on top of the calls)

Can I join the program even if I am new to sustainability?

Yes of course! The curriculum is 100% adapted to you so everyone can be supported and get the best results.

Will I receive business advice?

While we touch on how you can convince more people and how you can be more influential, I am not a business coach. We will cover how you can craft your sustainability message and get more people to listen to you, but this is not an IG course.

What if I am still unsure it is for me?

Let’s have a quick call so we can clarify if it’s the best thing for you now.