Best Ethical Sportswear: SILOU

Attitude Organic looked for Ethical Sportswear for you and we think that we actually found the perfect brand: Silou London. We simply fell in love with this Sustainable Fashion Brand. Read our review below and be ready to let them charm you!

Silou, an ethical sportswear brand

Silou sustainable fashion Active WearBesides, we love the aim of the brand and how they try to empower women. They say: “We are the Silou women. The indestructible. The fearless. The resolute.”  What could be a better way to invite women to love themselves than encouraging sport actually? At Attitude Organic, we think that Silou does it marvellously.

Why is it ethical sportswear?

silou stainable ActivewearSilou is amazing because not only it is stylish but also because it is ethical. It is even sustainable as they make sure that the collection is ethically manufactured while paying attention to their impact on the environment.

Ethical Sportswear

Silou produced the garments in a Lithuanian factory that guarantees good working conditions to the staff.

An eco friendly brand

The pieces are made in non toxic materials that respect both the environment and your skin. They also go for a packaging that will not end up as waste. Indeed they opt for reusable packaging and recycled polythene mail bags.

Why we love it?

We fell in love with Silou because it is the best ethical sportswear brand we saw. They are stylish, empower women and put great efforts to avoid waste. They hold the perfect combination according to us! Check their website now!

Let’s be greener together


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