What to eat before yoga? & 3 recipes!

Ladies, we are pretty sure that like us you wondered what to eat before yoga! It is a very good question because on one hand you need fuel and on the other hand you should not be too full to rock your practice. In this article, Attitude Organic gives you a few tips and recipes on what to eat before a workout. 

Eating before yoga: good timing

Eating before yoga requires a good timing. Your latest big meal must have been consumed at least 4 to 5 hours before the practice so you had time to digest it.

However, you need fuel before your practice as without energy, the muscles cannot build up. The ideal snack is light (200 or 300 calories), easy to digest and should be eaten around 1 hour before your class. It boosts your sugar level and your resistance without filling you to much or causing any acidity in your tummy.

What to eat before yoga?

Yoga Food

What to eat before a workout depends not only of the intensity of the exercise but also your personal tastes. Whether you prefer a healthy or chocolatey snack you will find something appropriate.

Healthy Pre Yoga Snack

We recommend fruits because they bring nutrients and energy while keeping you hydrated. They are perfect before a hot yoga class.

Nevertheless you should choose them wisely with low acidity. Pears and apples, high in fibres and sugar, are perfect because they will last until your next meal. Melon is also a great option as it is rich in water and will energises you considerably. Let’s not forget banana that proved all its benefits before any type of workout.

Dried fruits also work if you did not have time to go shopping and that you have no fruits left in your fridge. Almonds bring you the necessary energy before your practice. Raisins and dried apricots are the perfect sugar rush while remaining healthy.

If fruits are not enough, you may consider oatmeal because it is burnt easily but last long enough to finish your practice. If you do not have dairy digestive disorder, oatmeal is delicious with a bit of Greek yogurt. Rich in proteins, it is ideal before yoga.

Yoga food for the greedy ones

If you are really greedy, the best yoga food is dark chocolate. It helps to keep the blood sugar level under control and increases the blood flow to the brain, making it the perfect snack to improve the concentration.

Smoothie before workout

If you prefer drinking because you feel like a snack is too heavy before the practice, a smoothie is the best. Indeed, it brings the energy you need and keeps you perfectly hydrated.

What to avoid?

The big no is fat! Don’t go for anything fried it will be a disaster. Also think about avoiding cow milk or yogurt if your digestive system is a bit sensitive. You could prefer almond milk that is a better alternative.

Recipes: what to eat before yoga

Based on our recommendations, we selected for you 3 tasty recipes.

Chocolate & almond milk porridge

Warm up half a cup of almond milk in a sauce pan and add ¼ cup of oat when it is warm enough. Place the preparation in a bowl and leave it on the side. Chop 2 pieces of dark chocolate and a a few almonds and add them on the top of the oat preparation. Eat while it is hot, your chocolate will melt on your porridge!

Fruity Oatmeal

what to eat before workout

Slice banana, apple and pear until you fill a cup and keep on the side. In a bowl, mix half a cup of oat and half a cup of Greek yogurt. Add the fruits on top and finish by adding a handful of raisins.

Banana smoothie

Put in your blender a banana, an apple and half a cup of almond milk, mix and pour you a drink.

We hope you will find a recipe you like amongst the list. If not, maybe you will be tempted by our healthy granola recipe.

Let’s be healthy together!


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