Best Trendy Sustainable Fashion Brands

Who said that sustainable fashion brands are not on point? Those terrible looks of hippy activists are just a cliché, you can now wear trendy cloth and even haute couture without guilt. Discover the trendiest ethical clothing brands and sustainable design and we guarantee that you will go for it without hesitating. Scrawl down to the end to view and download our Sustainable Fashion Brands list! This way you can keep it with you as a reminder 🙂

If you are still wondering why you should go for Ethical Fashion, refer to our Article about the effects of fast fashion. It will make your mind pretty clear…

What is sustainable fashion?

At Attitude Organic we consider that sustainable fashion is general term that covers any of the ecological or ethical  important matters. If a brand takes at least one action to support the people and/or the environment causes, we add to our sustainable fashion brands list.

However, as we know that you are pure fashionista, the brands below do not only eco fashion and conscious clothing labels, they are also trendy. We made the best selection of sustainable fashion brands only for you! Discover what is sustainable fashion and browse our selected range of clothing, shoes, jewellery, eye wear, Pyjamas and so on now.

Sustainable clothing

The aim of fashion sustainability is to ensure that clothing is produced in a way that minimises the harm to the environment. We are sharing brands that make shopping more ethical and affordable. On one hand, they are ethical fashion labels that respect their workers and take special social actions. Some of them are Fair trade clothing certified. On the other hand, they are eco fashion oriented. For example, they offer an organic clothing range or make sure that their packaging is recyclable.

People TreeEverlane — Hope —Bleed — Armedangels — Filippa KTradlandsPARO STORESiizuKnotowAmour vertAiayuKrochet KidWe are thoughtPhil and LuiNudie JeansNomads clothing –  Know The OriginBibicoThokk ThokkHere Today-Here TomorrowKitty Ferreira FinisterreBeaumont OrganicAntiformReformationEllissJeanericaThe AceyPACT ABLEAlternative ApparelThought ClothingKotnLindex

Sustainable shoes

Sustainable fashion is not only about ethical clothing brands. Unfortunately, shoes are not exempt from environmentally hazardous production processes and sweatshop labour. We believe the “perfect” shoes are those that not only make you look good but also do right by people and the planet. From vegan materials to fair trade factories, each of these sustainable shoe brands is helping to have a better planet.

VejaAllbirdsNakSt. AgniVeerahAtelier AlienorBANGSTomsFortress of IncaOlibertéA Day’s March

Sustainable fashion for your underwear

Sustainable underwear brands are starting to get an important place among the sustainable fashion. For women, underwear is something personal and we want it to be comfortable and make us feel confident. But not only that, we also want underwear to reflect our values for ethics and sustainability, besides being gentler for our skin.  If you are ready to update your everyday essentials, check out our list of ethical underwear!

Organic BasicsWoronY.O.U UnderwearAnekdot – Cotton And PushZuela –  Bamigo

Sustainable Socks

In the past, I had to rush to some fast fashion stores for sucks which make me feel horrible. I found that the best way to avoid unethical shopping out of convenience is to prepare a list of ethical brands you could buy from. So here is a list of Ethical Socks so you never feel guilty again!

Critically Endangered SocksOrganic BasicsPeople TreeStand 4 Socks

Sustainable Fashion Brands For Your Activewear

Working out it is good for your health and body, so why not choose clothes that also a positive impact on both your body and the planet? Due to fashion trends, athletic wear has become a staple of daily wear. That is why it is important to know ethic and sustainable brands. Read below to discover some of them.

Silou Outdoor VoicesShare HopeCotopaxiLando StudioGroceries ApparelPrAna

Sustainable Fashion Brands for Your Swimwear

Swimsuit shopping can be difficult, but we want to make the decision a little bit easier for the conscious shoppers. Be ready for summer or for holidays in a warm country with this conscious swimwear and beach accessories brands.

All SistersDavy J – Deakin and BlueBower SwimwearSalt GypsyBatokoVitamin ASalt and SaunterOutdoor VociesGalamaar

Sustainable Fashion Bags

Finding sustainable fashion bags that meet all of our needs can be a challenge. Finding a bag that meets all of our needs and it is also stylish can be even a bigger challenge. What about if besides all that, the bag is sustainably and ethically made? That is a true challenge. That is why we have compiled a list of brands for you, we hope you like them!

Matt & NatSimon MillerBottletopDeux MainsChic Made ConsciouslyGunasThe Social OutfitElvis & KresseHFS CollectiveRaven & LilyBagguMelie BiancoBembien

Sustainable eyewear

Sunglasses are a summer essential. Aside from protecting our eyes from the sun, they can also be sustainably and ethically made, and of course, stylish. You can find below a list of Sustainable eyewear brands. Whether made from recycled materials, bamboo or cork, the following sunglasses are better for the planet.

Dick MobyGrown EyewearSOLO EyewearProof EyewearSunglasses  – Sticks & SparrowWoodwearSwell VisionWarby ParkerNeubauModoMonkey

Sustainable jewelry

Mining for one gold ring creates 20 tones of mine waste. Ladies, it is time to opt for sustainable jewellery. Handmade earrings and handmade bracelets are a woman best friend. Here are some brands worth to check out!

Killer Collection — Mam watchLark & BerryPhine

Sustainable fashion to sleep

Sustainable fashion is a must even when you sleep. We spend on average six hours in bed sleeping so it’s important to take care of what we wear meanwhile. What is best than a super soft PJ in organic cotton, right?

Tales of Thread

Luxury sustainable fashion

Sustainability and style can go hand in hand. A proof of that are some high-fashion designers, which make beautiful clothes and at the same time making the world a better place. If your wallet lets you, we have also created a list of luxury brands for you to bring some Vogue into your sustainable wardrobe.

Stella McCartneyGabriela HearstAMURMaiyetTomeEileen FisherMarguCienneHarare

Sustainable clothing for kids

We should not forget the little ones of the house. Not only is important for adults to wear sustainable clothing but also for babies and kids. Their young sensible skin will thank the organic cotton instead of synthetic materials. These are some of the brands you can opt for when looking for babies and  kidswear.

Little Green RadicalsMuddy PuddlesThe Bright CompanyNewbieToby TigerFrugiLa queue du chatPiccalillyTots BotsPiupiaPeacheybooMini RodiniThe Bonnie Mob  – Kingdom of OriginThe Little Green SheepOrganiczoo

Online Sustainable Fashion retailers

If you don’t like shopping and having to check each brand’s website bothers you, you can check out these sustainable fashion platforms. They are the “ASOS” of sustainable fashion. The emergence of these multi-brand online stores is a sign that sustainability is more than a momentary trend.

PARO STOREGather & SeeRêve en vert –  Antibad – Honest by – WeecosAvocado Store

There you go! Keep visiting this page regularly as we will update it each time we find sustainable fashion brands that deserve your attention.

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