How can yoga improve your work performance?

You probably already know that yoga is good for your health and impacts you daily life is many positive ways. However, you might find it difficult to regularly dedicate time to your practice. Your boss requested you to do extra hours and you are too tired to go to the studio? Well, you will be excited to know that you NEED to go. Yoga makes you work better! It is proven that taking one hour a week for your favorite yoga poses helps you to be effective in the office. Explanation below.

Yoga makes you more productive

Yoga helps you to focus at work

It benefits your brain

Yoga is a practice that encourages both breathing and movement. Thus it is increases the income of oxygen and the blood circulation, which are both necessary to the good function of the brain.

It helps you to focus

The regular practice of yoga teaches you to focus on the present. By extent, regular classes help you to focus on your activities and on your work. It also improves the reaction time, the memory and the IQ score.

Yoga decreases stress and makes you happier

Yoga makes you happy

It impacts your stress level

Yoga makes you relax, slow down and control your breath. It brings you the tools to step back, take a break and to control your stress.

It makes people happy

Scientists have proven that yoga practice increases your serotonin level and decrease the mono amine oxidase (an enzyme that breaks down the neurotransmitters) concentration. Combining those two actions results in a notable improvement of your mood. It even helps with depression!

It improves your sleep

What can have a bigger impact on your mood and on your productivity than sleep? Barely nothing… By relieving your body and your mind from stress and by bringing down time to your nervous system, yoga improves the sleep quality.

Yoga to be healthier at work

Impressive Yoga Pose

Yoga drains lymph and boosts your immunity system. Indeed, yoga poses make you stretch and contract your muscles which increases the drainage of lymph. Lymph is a fluid rich in immune cells. Thus yoga helps your body to fight infection and to eliminate toxins. Who would have told that yoga bans you from missing work because you got a cold, huh?

Yoga elevates your self-esteem

Yoga at the beach

It stimulates self examination and spirituality. It comforts you on your abilities and you come to realize that you can improve so fast. You will be surprised to see how strong you are. Those qualities will raise your self esteem, resulting on more self confidence in your work environment. You will have more charisma during your presentations, you will feel more comfortable to discuss your career evolution etc…

So what you waiting for? Spending an hour in the studio could make you save 3 hours of work, worth trying! And in the worst case, maybe you can take a ten minutes break to practice at your desk. Read our article about yoga at the office.