Full sustainable fashion outfit

You want to be fully sustainable dressed today without compromising on your own style? It is possible! Today, you can find a vast range of sustainable fashion brands that are on point, fit any mood and taste. Read below to find out eco fashion and ethical clothing companies that will style you from glasses to shoes!  

Sustainable clothing

People Tree

People Tree eco fashion

How is it sustainable?

  • The garments are produced by artisans with traditional skills
  • Fair trade clothing
  • Eco Fashion: the style are made from organic cotton fabric
  • Ethical fashion: the brand launched social responsibility programs managed by the People Tree Foundation

The pros: we love the clean and minimal aesthetic. People tree is one of our favorite sustainable fashion brands.

The cons: None, convinced ladies?

Ethical underwear


Naja Ethical underwear

How is it sustainable?

  • Ethical Fashion: they aim to empower women
  • Eco Fashion: they want to keep a low environmental footprint. For example,  they invented a special printing technology and they use recycled materials

The pros: we are seduced by their feminist tendencies, their slogan is a perfect illustration: ’empower women instead of objectifying them’. Plus, you can find some sexy lingerie on the website!

The pros: the cheeky is not cheeky enough (Oooopsie)

Sustainable shoes


Veja Vegan Shoes

How is it sustainable fashion?

  • Eco Fashion: they use organic cotton
  • It is one of the fair trade brands we love.
  • Ethical fashion: they founded the Atelier Sans Frontières association which aim to help social excluded people to get a job. 

The pros: the brand combines ethical and environmental aspects.

The cons: those sneakers are not vegan shoes, if it is your main orientation, you should find another brand.

Sustainable Fashion Bags

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat Sustainable Fashion Bag

How is it sustainable?

  • Some of the bags are vegan
  • Eco friendly bags: the inside lining is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The pros: this hand bag collection is simply gorgeous

The cons: none, we are in love. Are you?

Ecoglass: sustainable fashion eyewear

Dick Moby

Dick Moby Sustainable Fashion Eyewear

How is it sustainable?

  • Eco Fashion: they use recycled acetate, their microfibre cleaning cloths are recycled from plastic bottles and their leather hard case are recycled.

The pros: their fresh website is great to browse

The cons: none

Sustainable jewelry


Killer Sustainable Jewelry

How is it sustainable?

  • Recycled jewelry: 100% recycled metal

The pros: prefect bohemian touch

The cons: none

Sustainable activewear

Silou Activewear

silou stainable Activewear

How is it sustainable?

  • Their garments are manufactured in Europe
  • The fabrics used are made out of non toxic components

The pros: they focus on sport wear, perfect for yogi!

The cons: the fabrics are not organic

Sustainable fashion to sleep

Tales of Thread

tale of threads Sustainable Pyjama

How is it sustainable?

  • Ethical Fashion: they train women, pay them above market wages and they guarantee a safe working environment.

The pros: they focus on Pyjamas

The cons: none

You are ready, go out and shine ladies! If you could not find your style or the very special piece you are looking for, you can refer to our full sustainable fashion brands guide. Still unsure about the terminology you should use, read the what is sustainable fashion article, it should help.