Conscious period: how to start?

Today, let’s talk about a subject that might seem trivial and twisted: conscious period. It is high time to stop turning a blind eye on period. We can finally hear from more and more movements against period shaming. So, let’s follow them and do a bit of math!

A theorem to prove the necessity of conscious period

Available data:

  • Period lasts from 15 to 55 years old average, so 40 (long) years.
  • Period lasts 5 days on average
  • Tampons need to be changed every 4 hours minimum.


40 years of period X 12 months = 480 cycles

480 cycles X 5 days of period per cycle = 2400 days of period

24 (hours per day) / 4 (hours per tampons) = 6 tampons per day

2400 days of period X 6 tampons per day = 14 400 tampons during your life

Thus, you will use at least 14 400 tampons a lifetime. Considering they are disposable, you surely can see the problem now. If you are still not convinced, each year 12 billions sanitary pads and 7 billion tampons are dumped in landfills. Can you imagine?

On the top of it, according to the Huffington post: “Conventional Sanitary Pads can contain the equivalent of 4 plastic bags” (in terms of chemicals). So maybe you never thought about it, but now you know and it is high time to react!

Organic Pads and tampons for conscious period

organic tampons

If your concern is mainly to avoid chemicals for your own health, organic pads and tampons are a good option. Companies like ORGAN(Y)C offers organic, biodegradable and comfy pad alternatives. However, this classic tampon alternative is still disposable and may cause pollution, so it is not the best solution for conscious period.

Our favorite conscious period option: menstrual cups

Menstrual cup

So many people actually think that the period blood is disgusting. It is probably due to the period shaming once again. If you fear blood, our sincere apologies for being judgmental.

The Mooncup  is a good one if you had no kids, as you can choose your size. You might be surprised by the price of the menstrual cup when you first buy it, but rest assured that you can use it up to 10 years. It is a good investment.

To learn how to use it, you can refer to the official website. It could take a little while before you master the process to put it in and take it out, but once you do, it is nice and easy. You only have to boil it to clean it. How could it get more simple?

Concerning how long you can keep it in, so many bloggers pretend that they keep it whole day long or even 24 hours. But it is highly recommended to change it every 4 hours, like a tampon. Indeed, even if “it absorbs” more blood, bacteria can develop. So our opinion is, if you go for a mooncup for your health, treat it like a tampon. Also, do not use it with a coil (also called IUD)!!!

Reuse clothes make conscious period

cloth pads

Cloth pads are a possibility to consider. They are very soft, comfy and more absorbent than plastic pads. They are definitely a good conscious period  option, as they imply no waste. But we have to admit they can be a pain. Washing and soaking reuse clothes is a long and unpleasant process. And the worst part is that carrying soiled cloth pads in your bag is pretty gross. So maybe they should be used only at night if you are more into pads than into menstrual cups.

The conscious period surprise: Sea sponge tampons

Yes ladies, you read it well, those little sea animals can be used to absorb your period blood. That can seem strange, but Cleopatra herself used to use them. Do you feel like being an Egyptian princess for a day? (or 5). This tampon alternative is biodegradable, sustainable and comfortable. Make it wet, insert it and you are ready. After use, you have to rinse it and let it dry. This funny option, however, cannot be used in public bathrooms as you need to wet and rinse it before and after use.

We are sure that you now consider new options to make your period more sustainable. Some solutions might be more surprising than others of course. Now it your turn to try and to make up your mind. We trust you in making your period green 🙂 If you want more surprising fact, read now our article about how yoga improves your work performance