Meet Veronika for a natural beauty routine!

Have you ever wanted to know what other people’s natural beauty routine look like? Attitude Organic has! So we got in touch with Veronika, also called Stilblut on Instagram and she kindly agreed on sharing with us her tips and favourite natural skincare products. Read below to learn about her amazing beauty day!

My morning skincare routine

Veronika Face Mist

If I have enough time in the morning, I massage my face with the Renaissance Cleansing Gel from Oskia, then I take it off with a very warm muslin cloth. I love the soft and herbal smell, it’s perfect for dry skin and you cannot start into the day more gently!

Then I’m using a Face Mist from De Mamiel, Team Dr. Joseph or from May Lindstrom the Jasmin Garden(the smell is so uplifting) or a thermal water spray.

For my eye area I’m using the F64 Lifting Eye Elixir by Oliveda which contains triple hyaluronic acid.

Then a serum from mawiLove, Ileur, Team Dr. Joseph, Oliveda or the Kat Burki Essence which is definitely more like a serum than an essence (it’s expensive but you get a lot of product for your money!).


I’m always using an oil after my serum or I’m mixing it into the serum. It’s important that the skin is still moist, because then the oil will be absorbed perfectly. I love the oils from Kahina, Toco Skincare, Pai, Merme (both have great Rosehip oils which are the perfect oil for sensitive skin and anti-aging), Living Nature, Alex Carro, Namari and Bybi Beauty. But there are so many more great oils out there, I can’t stop trying, I love oils!

Then I apply my face cream, either my own homemade or the Face Cream from Alex Carro, beside many awesome herbs and oils, it contains Hyaluronic Acid and it’s so caring and lightweight at the same time.

Favorite tool of the moment

rosequarz roller

If I have a puffy face or suffering from headache, I love to use one of my face rollers. I have a jade roller and a rosequarz roller. If you keep them in the fridge, they have the nicest cooling and calming effect I can imagine, it‘s so releasing and my skin loves it! I think ist not so important which stone you choose, but make sure that ist real stone and a good quality!

VIP: Very important product

Veronika Skincare routine

I always try to wear sunscreen, especially on the forehead, where I tend to get pigment spots. At the moment, I’m loving the one of Team Dr. Joseph with SPF 30, which absorbs wonderfully and leaves no white residue and doesn’t break me out. For the summer I’m still looking for another good cream with SPF 50, because when it comes to SPF, more is more.

My evening skincare routine

Natural beauty Routine

First thing I do in the evening: using a micellar water to remove my make-up. Terra Naturi has a great one which is organic and costs almost nothing (there are so many small or not so well known organic brands out there, I always try to look for new products beside the hyped ones).

Then I use a mild cleanser from Alex Carro or REN (the Rosa Centifolia is so gentle and balmy) or, when I want to pamper my skin and myself, I’m using the Honey Mud from May Lindstrom. This is so good, the consistence, the smell and how soft the skin feels after using it. They all have a balmy, thick or gel-like consistence which I’m loving, because it’s perfect for dry skin, and when you massage it into the skin, it feels like a little facial.


After that I use a scrub minimum twice a week, either the Acid Peel by Team Dr. Joseph, the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask or the Enzyme Peeling by Susanne Kaufmann, the Problem Solver from May Lindstrom (expensive, but it will last forever!) or the Radiant Glow Mask from Evolve (great products for a very good price).

Natural Facial Scrub

Next comes my Amly Silver Sleep Face Mist (it contains colloidal silver which prevents blemishes and promotes skin regeneration) or from Lovely Day Botanicals the Hyaluron & Bloom Face Mist which is also really good and not so expensive.

Then a serum (Oskia Super 16 at the moment) and an oil again. If I want a little tan for the next day, I’m using my Eco By Sonia Self Tan Water as the first step after cleansing. It’s so uncomplicated and gives a nice & non-orange skin tan. Important note: Never forget to wash your hands after it.

So, do you feel like running to your favourite shop to get some of Veronika’s products? We definitely felt like it! Thanks again to this gorgeous lady for sharing <3

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