Why Natural and Organic Products Are Better for Your Skin

Practicing a green and sustainable lifestyle is not just about upcycling or recycling everything to minimise your trash as much as possible. It’s also important to incorporate other eco-friendly habits into your lifestyle.

One of these habits that we highly recommend is buying and using natural and organic skincare products instead of your traditional beauty haul.

A little disclaimer: we don’t blame nor condemn anyone for buying synthetic products. We understand because we’ve all used them for almost our entire lives. And that’s because they’re the only option available back then.

But now that the beauty industry is slowly embracing the “green revolution” in skincare and cosmetics, it’s about time that we get rid of all the synthetic products in our beauty kit or closets. They’re harmful, anyway.

It may be hard for you to switch things up that easily, but trust us, it’s all worth it. To convince you a little more, we listed down some of the best reasons why natural and organic products are better for you, your skin, and the environment.

But before we get to the meat of this article, let’s clear some things up a little bit.

Natural vs organic products

You may have heard or seen these terms all the time. They’re in product packaging, IG stories, blog posts like this one, TV commercials, in-store posters, and more.

Keep in mind that these words are not interchangeable, nor are they synonymous with each other.

A beauty product may be made of natural ingredients but it’s not automatically organic. For a product to be truly eco-friendly, it must be made of both natural and organic ingredients. Meaning, at least 95% of what goes into that skincare or cosmetic product must be sourced organically.

The ingredients must come from plant sources that were grown and farmed without using pesticides or toxic fertilizers that can harm the environment.

So, beware of product labels that say natural and organic. Before buying, check if these products are certified by the governing authorities in your state.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, below are the reasons why you should switch to eco-friendly skincare and cosmetic products.

1. Mother nature needs our help now more than ever

We had one job and we messed it up. But it’s never too late to turn things around.

One way to help the Earth recover is if we all ditch our synthetic products and switch to natural and organic beauty collections. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, eco-friendly beauty products use natural ingredients that are sourced without harming the environment.

Synthetic products, on the other hand, use toxic ingredients that were already proven to be harmful to nature. What happens is that particles of these products eventually seep into the ground and end up in larger bodies of water.

Once these particles reach the sea, it’s not a good sign to several ecosystems there.

Also, traditional products use ingredients like aluminium and lead. To source these ingredients, manufacturers will have to destroy an entire mountain by mining. Which, obviously, just makes the problem worse.

2. Your skin deserves so much better

Natural and organic beauty collections contain all the nutrients that you need to maintain glowing and supple skin. And there’s no better way to pamper your skin than to stay radiant with these organic skincare products.

They’re also the perfect solutions for those people who have more sensitive skin and are more prone to allergies. These are mainly caused by ingredients like parabens, sulphates, and triclosan that almost all synthetic products have.

Good thing, eco-friendly products do not contain these toxic substances, so you’ll never have to worry about skin allergies again!

3. Eco-friendly products are normally cheaper

Another good thing about natural and organic beauty products is that they’re usually cheaper than most of the traditional brands that we know. It’s mainly because of the locally sourced ingredients which are easier to produce and harvest.

Sometimes, you can even try to make your own! There are DIY cosmetic projects available online which you can copy. The steps are pretty simple and the ingredients are the ones that you can easily find at home or your local grocery store. Just make sure to use organic products only!

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