Vegamour: My Honest Review

Helloooooo, lovely ladies! Let’s dive into the topic of hair growth! Earlier this year, after years of letting my hair grow, I finally decided to get a haircut. Let’s face it, it was much needed because my hair looked incredibly unhealthy: dry and riddled with split ends. I headed to my favorite vegan hair salon in Le Havre – I adore it – and once again, my experience was nothing short of amazing. Just as amazing as my haircut, which involved chopping off about half of my length. And guess what? I loved it!

However, after a few days, I found myself missing my long hair. It’s a common feeling among many women who decide to chop their hair off – the regret sets in quickly. I wished my hair could grow back faster. And that’s precisely when I received a promising email from Vegamour, a brand that champions vegan hair products for promoting hair growth. Talk about synchronicity! I truly believe, once again, the universe had my back!

When they proposed a collaboration, I couldn’t have been happier to agree, try out their products, and share my experience with you all. So keep on reading to discover the brand and the incredible results I achieved using their products. Now, I know what you might be thinking, so before we dive in, I want to be transparent. Yes, this is a paid collaboration. However, everything stated here is pure truth and authenticity. And to prove it, I’ve included some before/after pictures; they speak for themselves 😉

About Vegamour

Let me introduce you to Vegamour – a holistic approach to hair wellness that stole my heart. They blend the power of nature with science, using clinically tested plant-based ingredients. What sets them apart? Their commitment to promoting healthy, beautiful hair naturally, without resorting to harmful chemicals or short-term ‘fixes’ that could cause long-term problems. Vegamour takes a deep dive into the wonders of nature, exploring its potential through the lens of science. The result? The ultimate solution for total hair wellness and beauty, ensuring a lifetime of happiness.

And let me tell you, Vegamour embodies everything I adore: it’s rooted in science, embraces plant-based goodness, and is incredibly efficient! This brand speaks to my soul and I can’t wait to share more about their fantastic products and my experience with them. Stay tuned, and let’s embark on this hair wellness journey together!

The First Thing I Loved About Them: Their Authenticity!

Let’s talk about authenticity – a quality that, as a content creator and blogger with years of experience, I hold in high regard. In my line of work, collaborating with brands and receiving partnership requests is a delightful aspect of what I do. However, as in any profession, there’s a flip side to the coin, and content creation is no exception.

I’ve encountered many brands that claim to be sustainable and ethical, yet sadly, some of them exploit content creators. They reach out, seeking collaborations, all while expecting us to work for free! It’s quite unbelievable, isn’t it? I mean, would you seriously expect your baker to give you bread for free? Anyway, in this landscape, my experience with Anna, the wonderful person from Vegamour who contacted me, was a breath of fresh air.

From the very first email I received, I could sense something special about this brand. Vegamour exuded friendliness, authenticity, and respect. These qualities made a significant difference and spoke volumes about the brand’s ethos and values. Anna was not just another contact; she was a supportive guide throughout the entire process. She patiently answered all my questions about the products, helping me select the ones that would align best with my goals and values.

What truly impressed me was the collaborative approach. Anna and I worked hand in hand to choose the best treatment for my hair growth journey, all while ensuring it resonated with my vegan and sustainable values. I admired her honesty and transparency. When I inquired about the sustainable practices of the company and she didn’t have immediate answers, she was forthright about it. Instead of dodging the question, she clearly stated her limitations and forwarded my queries to the product team.

We appreciate it immensely when brands don’t try to “greenwash” us, don’t we? Authenticity, transparency, and a genuine willingness to engage with their customers – that’s what sets Vegamour apart. And this, my friends, is why my collaboration with Vegamour has been nothing short of exceptional. Stay tuned for more insights into this incredible brand and my journey with their products!

The Second Thing I Loved About Vegamour: The Unboxing Experience

Vegamour for hair growth

Let me paint you a picture of sheer delight – the moment I received my carefully selected treatment products from Vegamour. But before I delve into the products, let me tell you about the unboxing experience.

As soon as I received my order, I couldn’t wait to unwrap it. From the very first moment, it felt like Christmas Day all over again. Vegamour has mastered the art of delivering a delightful unboxing experience, striking the perfect balance between luxury and sustainability.

Their packaging is not only visually stunning but also eco-friendly. I was thrilled to notice that there was no unnecessary plastic or paper cluttering up the box – a win for the environment! The attention to detail was evident, and it added a touch of excitement to the entire experience.

What truly impressed me was the use of glass packaging for the products I selected. Not only does this choice contribute to a sense of luxury, but it also aligns with a more sustainable approach. Glass containers can be upcycled or reused, offering a smart and eco-conscious alternative. It’s these thoughtful touches that make Vegamour stand out – their commitment to providing a luxurious experience without compromising on sustainability.

Stay tuned as I share more about these fantastic products and my personal journey with Vegamour. It’s not just about hair care; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that aligns with our values and the planet’s well-being. Here’s to more delightful unboxing experiences and sustainable choices!

The Vegamour Products Review

Vegamour packaging

Let’s dive into the heart of my Vegamour experience – the products. After explaining my desire to speed up my hair growth post my recent haircut to Anna initially suggested the use of gro shampoo and conditioner. However, in my quest to minimize waste, I opted to stick with my solid shampoo and conditioner at the time. Anna, understanding my dilemma, graciously suggested the GRO Hair Serum and GRO Biotin Gummies as an alternative solution.

And oh, how glad I am that I made that choice! Before I could share my thoughts, I wanted to thoroughly test them. Over the past three months (well, slightly more than three months, if I’m honest – holidays and weekend getaways did cause a few missed days), I’ve been using these products to track their effects.

Let me start by saying, the results are gooooooood. My hair feels healthier and stronger, and grows fast. I have to admit that I’ve finished the gummies, but I’m still on my journey with the serum, which I anticipate will continue to yield even better results. I am pleased with my actual results and I am genuinely excited to see how my hair transforms in the coming weeks as I continue with the serum.

The Vegamour GRO Hair Serum Review

Let’s talk about the magic that is the GRO Hair Serum! This little bottle of wonders promises to tackle signs of shedding, aiming to gift us with thicker, fuller-looking hair. Specifically designed for thinning, lackluster hair, this serum harnesses the power of clinically-tested, plant-based phytoactives to enhance overall hair wellness. It does this by soothing the scalp, increasing the appearance of hair density and thickness, and all while being formulated with clean, vegan ingredients.

Now, I have to admit, I had never used a hair serum before, so I was genuinely excited to give this one a try. And boy, was I pleasantly surprised! First off, I was impressed by its light texture and the delightful scent that accompanied it. Applying it was a breeze, and the best part? It didn’t leave my hair greasy at all. I followed the instructions diligently, using it daily. Every morning for the past 3 months, I filled the dropper halfway, gently massaged it into my scalp with my fingertips.

Here’s a little tip: while the instructions recommend filling the dropper completely, I found that doing so made my hair a tad too greasy after a few days, probably because I prefer to wash my hair once every five to seven days. I know most people wash their hair more frequently, so the full dropper might work perfectly for them.

Since the serum is a leave-in product, I simply went on with my routine, styling my hair as usual. And can we talk about results? I know you’re eager, and don’t worry, I’ll get to that, but first, let me share my thoughts on the gummies! Stay tuned, because the best is yet to come!

The Vegamour GRO Biotin Gummies Review

Now, let’s talk about these little delights – the GRO Biotin Gummies! These gems are designed to work their magic on your strands, nourishing the scalp, and ultimately supporting the journey to healthier, more beautiful hair. Packed with biotin and folic acid, alongside a powerhouse of vitamins including A, B-5, C, E, 6, and 12, these gummies are on a mission: to neutralize those pesky follicle-damaging free radicals and maintain the wellness of your scalp.

I have to confess, just like with the serum, I had never tried gummies for hair care before (or any other type of care, really). But let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. These gummies are strawberry-flavored and taste absolutely delicious. Not only that, their texture is delightful too – it felt like I was indulging in my daily dose of candy.

Picture this: a balance between my beauty routine and a bit of gluttony, all in one sweet, chewy bite. It was a guilt-free treat that I looked forward to every day. And the best part? Knowing that these tasty treats were working from the inside out to enhance the health and beauty of my hair.

So, if you’re looking to add a touch of sweetness to your beauty routine while giving your hair the nourishment it deserves, these GRO Biotin Gummies might just become your new favorite guilty pleasure.

The results after 3 months of using Vegamour

Vegamour before after face
Vegamour before after back

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the results! As they say, pictures speak louder than words, so I invite you to take a look at the images. My hair has undeniably become longer, growing quicker than usual, and on top of that, they look remarkably healthier. Even though, I must admit, I got split ends again…

I am genuinely thrilled with the transformation I’ve witnessed in just a few months of using Vegamour’s products. The change in my hair’s length and overall health is not only visible in these pictures but also palpable in my daily life.

It’s not just about the physical changes either. I feel more confident, more radiant, and more content with my hair than ever before. Knowing that these changes occurred naturally, without any harmful chemicals or shortcuts, makes the journey even more satisfying.

This experience has been a testament to the power of clean, plant-based ingredients and the effectiveness of Vegamour’s approach to hair wellness. I’m excited to continue this journey, and I can’t wait to see how much more my hair can flourish. Thank you, Vegamour, for bringing back the luscious locks I missed so dearly!

Additional Hair Treatments: A Full Disclosure

In the spirit of complete honesty and transparency, I believe it’s crucial to share all aspects of my hair care routine during these 3 months of trials. Here are the other treatments I incorporated into my routine:

Oil Baths

For years, I’ve been indulging in the ritual of oil baths, and it’s a practice I adore. I typically do one every 3 to 4 weeks. This nourishing treatment has been a staple in my routine, providing my hair with essential moisture and keeping it healthy.

Henna Treatments

To add a touch of natural color and vibrancy to my hair, I’ve been using henna. Henna not only gives my hair a stunning red/ginger hue but also adds a natural shine. I mix henna powder with water and apply it like I would with conventional dyes. After application, I let it sit for 2.5 hours before thoroughly rinsing it out. This natural dyeing process has been a part of my routine, enhancing my hair’s appearance.

Green Clay Masks

In the quest for purity, I turn to green clay masks to detoxify my hair. Considering the impact of chemicals in conventional hair products and air pollution, I’ve found that these impurities can weigh down my hair, making it look and feel unhealthy. To combat this, I use a mixture of green clay and water as a deep cleansing treatment.

And there you have it – my comprehensive hair care routine during these 3 months of trials. This combination of practices has been integral to my overall hair health, and I believe their synergy with Vegamour’s products has contributed to the fantastic results I’ve experienced. It’s important to me that you have the full picture of my hair care regimen, allowing you to understand the context in which Vegamour’s products played their transformative role. Here’s to holistic hair care!

Vegamour’s Sustainable Practices

Let’s delve into Vegamour’s commitment to sustainability, a topic very close to my heart. As you all know, I have a checklist to avoid greenwashing in fashion, and I’m thrilled to say that most of those points apply to beauty brands as well. When I inquired about Vegamour’s sustainable practices, here’s what I discovered from my research and their responses to my direct questions.

Ethical Manufacturing and Sustainable Materials

Vegamour’s final products are proudly manufactured in the United States, utilizing both foreign and domestic raw materials and components. Crucially, their products are not tested on animals at any stage of development or manufacturing. 

The brand invests in direct, fair-trade partnerships to ethically source the highest quality natural botanical actives. These botanicals are then integrated into clinically tested, cutting-edge formulas, producing scientifically proven results. By investing in the communities from which they source, Vegamour ensures long-term sustainability.

Vegan Ingredients

Vegamour is fully committed to the vegan ethos, firmly believing that ethical products should not include animal-derived ingredients. They exclusively use clean, 100% vegan ingredients, aligning their mission for great hair with environmental and ethical consciousness.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Vegamour has taken steps to make their packaging eco-friendly. Many of their bestsellers, like the GRO Hair Serum that I personally used, are packaged in glass, a material infinitely recyclable. Furthermore, their direct-to-consumer shipper boxes are certified through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®. This certification ensures that credible, responsible forestry practices are employed, demonstrating their dedication to eco-conscious packaging.

I’d love to see more of their products made from glass but hey, that’s a good start!

Reducing Manufacturing Impact

Vegamour is actively working to decrease their manufacturing impact on the planet. Several of their manufacturers participate in sustainable practices such as the Green-e® renewable energy program, guaranteeing an equivalent amount of renewable energy is delivered to the electric grid. Additionally, on their direct-to-consumer website, they use packaging that can be certified through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® or the Forest Stewardship Council.

I’d love to hear more about water treatment, CO2 emissions reduction… But again, that’s a good start!

Disposal Consideration

While Vegamour doesn’t currently offer a product return program, I see this as an opportunity for them to explore environmentally friendly options. Hint, hint, Vegamour – perhaps a recycling initiative could be in the works?

In summary, Vegamour’s dedication to ethical, sustainable practices shines through in their commitment to fair-trade partnerships and vegan ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. It’s heartening to know that their approach aligns with my values, and I look forward to seeing more initiatives from them in the future.

Final Thoughts: A Love Letter to Vegamour

Allow me to pour my heart out about Vegamour – a brand that has not only captured my attention but also my heart. From their brand philosophy to their outstanding products, Vegamour has truly left a lasting impression on me, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone seeking an exceptional beauty experience. Let me break down why Vegamour has become my beauty favorite:


The results speak volumes – just take a glance at the pictures. Vegamour’s products have undeniably delivered on their promises, leading to visible improvements in my hair length, health, and overall appearance. 

Pleasurable Experience

For me, skincare isn’t just about routine; it’s about gifting myself moments of self-care and indulgence. Vegamour truly understands this. Their unboxing experience and the thoughtfully designed packaging elevate my daily haircare ritual to a luxurious experience. It’s not just about the products; it’s about the joy of using them.

Health Conscious

Vegamour’s commitment to health is evident through their clean formulations. As stated on their website, they prioritize the use of natural ingredients that promote overall hair wellness. This dedication to health aligns seamlessly with my values, assuring me that I’m nourishing my hair in the best way possible.

Sustainability Efforts

While there’s always room for growth, Vegamour has embarked on a commendable journey toward sustainability. Their eco-friendly packaging choices, fair-trade partnerships, and efforts to minimize their manufacturing impact are steps in the right direction. I’m excited to see them making strides toward a more sustainable future, and I hope to witness even more initiatives in the coming years.

In essence, Vegamour isn’t just a brand; it’s a holistic beauty experience that has transformed my haircare routine. From their effective products to their commitment to pleasure, health, and sustainability, Vegamour has exceeded my expectations on every level. So, if you’re searching for a brand that not only delivers results but also aligns with your values, Vegamour is the answer. Here’s to healthier, more beautiful hair and a future filled with sustainable, pleasurable self-care rituals. Thank you, Vegamour, for setting a new standard in the world of beauty!

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