Are açaï bowls good for you?

Açaï bowls are everywhere! And when we say everywhere, we mean it: Facebook, Insta, Blogs, restaurants… But are we the only ones who find a bit strange to mix your cereals with juice? Or to top up fruits with more fruits? We are sure it is great to double the vitamins, but what is the real deal about it?

What are açaï bowls?


Açaï is a Brazilian tropical fruit that comes from the South American rain forests.You can find it sold as a puree or in frozen smoothie packs.

Made from this puree, açaï bowls are basically thick smoothies mixed with oatmeal, fruits, peanut butter (or any other topping that can please you), that you eat in a bowl. They are claimed to be super superfood and super healthy breakfast.

What is good in açaï bowls?


They are rich in antioxidants, fiber, heart healthy-fats, and minerals. It presents great anti aging, digestives and nutritional properties. The fruits you add to it, will bring extra vitamins and benefits. So it is supposed to leave you full and satisfied (if you are a sweet craver).

Are they really good for you?


Açaï bowls can be way to sweet. They may contain 50g of sugar, which is twice more than the recommended daily quantity for a woman. Could you imagine that it is four times more than in one average doughnuts??? And it gets higher with toppings!

At this point, you probably wonder how it is possible and why people are showing off on social media with sugar bombs… Well keep in mind that Açaï itself is relatively low in sugar, so healthy. To make it short, in order for your bowl to be healthy, follow the below advice:

  1. Make sure that there is no added sugar to the puree or smoothie you use.
  2. Always make your own instead of getting it from the corner shop.
  3. Make one that can fit in a mug.
  4. Choose the good toppings: not more than 2, prefer fresh fruits to the dry ones.
  5. Consume it as a treat, it should not be a daily breakfast. If you look for breakfast ideas, you can read our healthy breakfast for working days article.

So YES, Açaï bowls are delicious and YES they can be healthy if you do it right. However, consume it smartly: instead of ice cream for example and without extra sugar.

Another thing to remember is that the puree can be difficult to find and that you might need some time to prepare it properly. If you do crave it before work (once in awhile we said!) check this great overnight recipe!