Sustainable fashion Alert: Bleed, ecofashion brand.

Bleed: a sustainable fashion brand

Bleed Sustainable Fashion Dress

Bleed is a sustainable fashion brand. As an independant fashion label, it is a family business that sells eco friendly clothing. Very German, the colections are classic, high quality and made to last. You will wind on their website all the piecese you might need, even though you will quickly notice that their knitwear collection is the best. We also fell in love for the beanies. Hipster-ish, but we forgive them.

How is Bleed sustainable fashion?

Bleed is a sustainable fashion brand that we really like. We count it as an eco fashion brand. They do organic clothing and use recycled and upcycled materials.

We describe this brand as ethical fashion considering the fact that they are fairly produced.

The brand is also vegan.

The pros

They are organic clothing certified certified, so you do not need to worry about anything. For the jeans fans among you, they do very nice denim.

The cons

They can be a bit too classic for some of you ladies!

We hope you like this sustainable fashion brand as much as we do. If this brand is not your style, do not feel story and keep looking. Our full list of sustainable fashion brands obviously contains at least one label you will love, check it now! Many ethical clothing brands exist and it worthes looking 🙂