Must Have Essential Oils For Beginners

Essential oils are extremely powerful and have so many virtues while being natural that they will be your best friends in any types of circumstances. However, they are so numerous and have so many properties that the essential oil world is both wonderful and difficult to understand. As you probably do not have time to go through all of them but still want to discover and enjoy the benefits of this trendy agents, you can find here the Must Have Essential Oils For Beginners . Those are the basics that you will be able to use quickly and without effort in you daily life.

Lemon essential oil:

The lemon essential oil is one of the favourites because the smell is delicious and its benefits various. Thanks to its antiviral property, it is perfect when your immune system is slightly tired and that you look for an energy boost.

Antibacterial, it also cleanse and purify your skin if you add a few drops in your face wash.

You can also use it to whiten your teeth or to fight obesity and cellulite.

Lavender: Must Have Essential Oils For Beginners

The lavender essential oil’s smell is amazing too. Diffusing this oil is excellent to fight stress thanks to the calmative characteristic of lavender. It is, for the same reason, a good solution for sleep if you suffer from insomnia (stop over thinking is also a valuable advise ladies).

Lavender essential oil also relieves headaches, making it a good alternative to painkillers if you want to avoid them. That can be a good solution after a long and painful day at work. Read more about the natural remedies to fight migraine.

If you spent the day in the sun and that you forget to put sunscreen (naughty you), mixing a few drops of lavender oil to your favorite aloe vera gel would be a perfect after sun and sooth your sunburns.

Finally, a few drops to your usual shampoo will stimulate the hair growth and you will reach your princess hair goal much quicker.  

Eucalyptus essential oil (with a hint of lemon):

Eucalyptus is an antiviral and decongestant oil is among the Must Have Essential Oils For Beginners because it fights the colds and the respiratory disease.

Like Lavender it will also relieves your headaches and can also help you to go through fever.

Also, as you probably love travelling and enjoying a glass of wine at night by the river, it can be used as an insect repellent. Say bye to the carnivore mosquito that ruin your holiday and to the disgracious red spots that do not match your tan.

Tea tree essential oil:

The tea tree essential oil is one of the most popular oils and it deserves it. You have a terrible red spot on your nose and a date in 3 days, it will sort you out. Just apply it straight on your acne spot, locally, with a cotton bud. It also work if you have small black heads, just add a few drops in your face wash daily.

As you probably understood, it is antibacterial, thus it can also be used on mycosis or for your intimate hygiene (be cautious as it can be irritating and that this part of your body is particularly sensitive and precious, isn’t it?) . Fighting infections, it also has great healing powers.

Roman chamomile essential oil:

This essential oil makes miracles if your skin is dry, sensitive and an eczema target. A few drops in your daily oil, moisturiser or body butter and you will considerably reduce your consumption of cortisone (no need to specify, this one is tricky and not that good on the long run).

It also relieves anxiety and stress, helps to sleep and wait for it…. uplift your mood! It can be a great help if your day is particularly tough.

Here are your Must Have Essential Oils For Beginners. It is a lot of information and the below table is a good summary. Maybe your lunch break is not long enough, so you might need it to get your advise quicker.

Congratulations, you are now settle for some of the most common issues, you know the properties of the main oils. If you want to learn more about essential oils, you can refer to our essential oils full guide. The second step is to learn how to use them. You can find here an easy guide to help you improving your knowledge and to start applying them. You can be sure, those oils worth the reading.