Holotropic Breathwork Workshop

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Are you a change maker feeling mad, stressed, anxious, sad or desperate about all the bad news we’ve been receiving?

Or are you just a conscious human being who needs to process difficult emotions and do so while being held by a safe group of change making sisters?

Join the 90 min holotropic breathwork session that I will be on the 10th of august at 6.30pm (Paris time).

Only 5 spots left.


Are you a change maker? An activist? An Eco warrior? Or just a conscious human being?

If you are, just like me, you must have very strong feelings about all the bad news we’ve been receiving.

There is no doubt that creating a more beautiful world is hard and often dark. It comes with a lot of “negative emotions”: stress, anxiety, despair, madness, terror…

And that’s so easy to get caught up into those emotions. So simple to let them drown us. But dear change maker, if you drown, who’s gonna take care of our world?

That’s why breathwork is such an important tool. It will help you process your feelings, move through all the difficult emotions and release the energy stuck in your body so you can be clear headed and light hearted to take the necessary world changing actions you intend to.

Breathwork is about manipulating our breath over a period of time for a specific desired outcome, like : freeing old stuck physical + emotional blocks gaining creativity, energy, inspiration, relieving stress, feeling more positive, being more focused…

Are you feeling mad? Stressed? Anxious? Do you need to process difficult emotions and do so while being held by a safe group of change making sisters?

Join the 90 min holotropic breathwork session that I will be on the 10th of august at 6.30pm (Paris time). Tickets are 22€. Only 5 spots left.

Breathwork is great for you if

You feel like your feelings are too big and that you wanna stop numbing them.

You need a safe space to process your emotions without feeling overwhelmed.

If you feel over responsible.

If you’re stressed or anxious.

If you wanna regulate your nervous system.

If your body holds on to unresolved experiences from the past.

If you wanna let go of limiting beliefs, negative self talk and self doubt.

If you feel stuck and wanna tap into your body’s wisdom and your intuition.

What’s included:

1) I will be preparing each of you 1:1 by email so you show up ready for our group session.

2) On the D-day, we’ll be all together (8 of us max) for 90 minutes.
The first 15 minutes will be dedicated to preparing you as a group, teaching you the breathing patterns and modalities, guiding you through a quick meditation & intention setting.
The next 30 minutes are for active breathing with a playlist on. I’ll guide you through it all.
The last 15 minutes will be dedicated to going back to your normal breath and stillness so you can receive and integrate the benefits of your session.

3) The following day, I will touch base with you 1 to 1 to make sure you are all good!

If you are curious about breathwork and about what it would look like to work with me, it’s the most affordable option to get a taste of it.

Shop now or email me with your questions!

3 reviews for Holotropic Breathwork Workshop

  1. Mon Escobedo (verified owner)

    I had a breath work session with Marine because I’m moving to another country and I’ve been bottling my feelings around having to start over, selling all my things but specially leaving my family and friends. I pushed my feelings aside so many times that I started to feel numbed.

    Through the session with her I was able to find a way to release those emotions, feel all the feelings in a safe space and embrace what was happening.

    I truly recommend working with her, you will feel supported throughout the whole journey.

  2. Dana Rabara

    I had a breath work session with Marine and found it really powerful. She had a beautiful playlist for the breath work and prior to starting she made me feel safe and explained what to expect during and after the session. I cried and released so much stuck energy during the session. I was really struggling with being seen and afterwards I felt that I no longer needed to hide and that it was okay to be me and be seen. Afterwards I felt so empowered to take action towards being seen. Marine did a great job holding space for me after the session and supporting me in taking those next steps. It was just what I needed during that time.

  3. Ruby

    The breathwork session that I had with Marine was an incredible experience – and I don’t say this lightly.

    This was my first experience with holotropic breathwork and it was…intense (don’t let this deter you!) during our session my body seized up, my legs cramped, my brain kept telling me “stop, stop!” but through Marine’s gentle guidance I continued on and afterwards I had one of my biggest breakthroughs. Around trusting and trusting myself.

    Through this experience, my body taught me that I will NOT break. That I am stronger than the narratives in my brain. This realization brought what I knew in my head (that I am strong, that I won’t break, that I can continue on) fully into my body and my soul.

    I know I wouldn’t have been able to do that without this breathwork session and I wouldn’t have been able allow myself to sink so deeply within my body without the trust I had in Marine to guide me.

    If you’re someone who’s stuck in your head, who feels like you “know” the thing but have trouble really embodying your inner wisdom allow Marine to hold this space for you to guide you to your inner truth.

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