3 Organic Hairdressers In London You Should Check Out Now!

I have been using natural, vegan and organic haircare products at home for a while now but I realised that unfortunately I never questioned my hairdresser about the products he used. I just go there again and again because I am used to it and I caught myself thinking: “Oh I need a haircut, let’s go to the hairdresser”. I stopped for a second and took a step back and realised that something was wrong here. 

I fight so hard to avoid chemicals, animal testing and animal derived ingredients in my hair products on a daily basis but I regularly fail by getting a haircut. I could not believe I never considered it before. Or maybe was my subconscious too lazy to overcome that habit? 

Can you relate? Do you use only vegan and organic products at home and don’t think about what your beauticians use? 

So I did a little research for you (and for me in the first place) about the best Organic Hairdressers in London. Now, you are aware you can avoid “traditional” hair salons and have a selection of organic hair salons to choose from. No more excuse!

Why Should you go for an organic hairdresser? 

Let’s start with the basics! The chances are that if you look for an organic hair salon that you already use natural products at home. Therefor, I assume that most of you already know why you should avoid big brands products but I am still going to detail it here. If you feel like it is not necessary, just scroll down! 

Our traditional shampoos and conditioners contain nasty chemicals to make our hair look fabulous but it damages it in the long-term. Indeed, they strip vital proteins and moisture which is totally counterproductive. 

Here are a few examples of the ingredients you find in tradition hair products that are toxic.


You can find it in hair dyes so if you go to an organic hairdresser, you should be safe. 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS

This one is well-known among the ingredients to avoid so big brands try to rename it to hide it. Some of those other names are laureth sulfate and ammonium laurel sulfate. It dries your hair out and is linked to cancer so make sure that your hairdresser do not use any products containing SLS.


That ingredient is often found in antifreeze, air gels and hair sprays because it dissolves oils. It also means it dries your hair leading to breakage. 

Propylene glycol

If you read labels, you will find it in numerous shampoos, conditioners, styling gels and hair dyes. Its role is to make your hair shiny and smooth but it also destroys its structure. 


If it appears in top 4 ingredients of the product, it is too much and it will deteriorate your hair so watch out. 


Parabens appears in the ingredients list of shampoos and moisturisers. Unfortunately, scientists proved that it is an hormone disruptors and contributes to the development of breast cancer. 

Synthetic Colours

Manufacturers add them to make the product look pleasant but beware because they irritate your scalp. 

Paraphenlyenediamine or PPD

It is terrible for your skin and can even impact your immune system. 


They can cause all kinds of health issues such as allergic reactions and nausea. 

I recommend that you read that article to find out more ingredients to avoid as well as some natural haircare products we trust. You may also have a look at our natural hair range here.

Free printable list of ingredients to avoid in Haircare Products here!

3 Organic Hairdressers you should try!

Now that you know why it is important to find a good organic hairdresser, let’s go straight to the point! AFter all, that is why you started reading that article, isn’t it? 

So here is my selection of organic hair salons in London

Hair Organics

About: Hair Organics only uses products with certified organic ingredients containing the minimum amount of chemicals. The range is also vegan and cruelty-free which is mandatory for me. 

What I love? I love how transparent the brand is. They make your health a priority! You have to go through a patch test 48 hours before you dye your hair. I understand it could be a turn off but I believe it is a proof that you can trust them and that you are in good hands! 

Price Range: Ladies – Wash, Haircut & Blow Dry from £44.25

Address: good news: they have 2 stores!

Hair Organics Notting Hill, 3 Ladbroke Road, London, W11 3PA

Hair Organics Putney, 68 Lower Richmond Road, London, SW15 1LL

What customers say? 

Michael was brilliant! He listened to exactly what I wanted and I’m so please with the colour. Michael was really friendly and I enjoyed the experience from start to finish. Walked out feeling a million times better. Thank you so much!

Rating: 4.9/5

Read more reviews and see the full price list here

The Rabbit Hole

About: The Rabbit Hole is a vegan hairdresser that only uses vegan & organic hair colours, hair care and finishing products. 

Why I love it? Because they have the same values than mine. Nobody should suffer so you get pretty hair. 

Bonus: you get a cup of tea or coffee served with mylk and vegan biscuits! 

Price Range: Cut Including cleansing + conditioning + wet cut + blow dry + dry texturizing/persona From £70

Address: 6A Charleville roadW14 W14 9JL

What customers say? 

My mum and I had a lovely experience, we went for her birthday and they were so welcoming and kind, her hairdresser took the time to discuss what style my mum wanted to go for, carefully weighing up the pros and cons of some of the styles she had in mind and my mum left really happy with her cut. As it was her birthday they also surprised us with some snacks! Couldn’t recommend enough!

Rating: 5/5

Read more reviews and see the full price list here


About: Whip is an eco-frienldy hairdresser that only uses vegan, organic and cruelty- free products. 

What I love? If you are in a cheeky mood, you can get yourself some local and vegan beers and gin while listening to great music. It’s more than a haircut you will get, it’s an experience! 

Price Range: Washing + Cut + Blowdry from £65

Address: 2 shops

7 Morning Lane, London, E9 6ND. They also have a branch in Homerton.

8 Mackintosh Lane, E9 6AB

What customers say? 

Having had the same hairdresser for over 10 years I was nervous about going to a new one. I needn’t have worried at all. Fabio was lovely and was very meticulous when cutting my hair. We had a good conversation about what I wanted and he took great care and was just great. I would highly recommend him. 

Rating: 5/5

Read more reviews and see the full price list

I hope you will find your new hair professional within that list. I know how important it is to be able to trust him or her!

Cover photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash