How To Cope With Eco Anxiety When You Face Climate Deniers Online? 

Knowing How To Cope With Eco Anxiety is increasingly helpful as our involvement in the fight against the climate crisis deepens. A very personal experience inspired me to share with you a tool to add to your change maker toolbox. So here we go!

I handled “haters” for the first time… It happened under a reel where I shared how much CO2 I saved bus-ing vs. flying. It triggered people who either think the climate crisis is a hoax or that I wasted my time & made no difference.

I opened up the conversation in my stories & I’ve received a few interesting dms from you. Yes, you, the members of my beautiful change making community. In those messages, you pointed out that those hateful, pessimist & hopeless reactions tend to wake up your anxiety. 

While that was certainly not the point of the stories, those dms inspired me to offer a perspective shift and gift you with a potent tool I use a lot when I coach my clients: reframing! 

It’s true that those haters can trigger anxiety, I am not denying your experience at all and they certainly lit up some difficult emotions within me too. However, you can choose to see the whole situation differently. 

Once you take care of your emotional and somatic charges, you can play a little mindset game by reframing and choosing your version of the story. Here are a few options for you: 

1. Those haters suck!

Why does that type of person even exist? Because of them we are all gonna be screwed! Can you see how much anxiety that story can generate? We don’t have to pick that one.

2. How To Cope With Eco Anxiety With A Simple Reframe

Yes, 3 or 4 people were critical & seemed hopeless at best, denying climate change at worst. BUT there were 4341 other people who saw that reel, 118 human beings who liked it & who might decide to take the bus some day! Can you notice the shift? You get to choose your narrative & truth. You get to choose between hate and pessimism or love and hope. 

3. How To Cope With Eco Anxiety By Remembering The Truth

If people had such a raw reaction to that post it’s because it made them uncomfortable. When there is an emotional reaction, when we get on nerves, it’s because we show those people that there is something off, that they know it but they refuse to or can’t do anything. They feel attacked because they know they are “wrong”. And that’s so empowering to know that, isn’t it? 

So tell me, are you willing to reframe your thoughts? What story do you choose?

Send me a DM to let me know your thoughts or join my coaching program if you want to dig deeper and work on your mindset!