Home remedies for back acne

Back acne is a real issue and it can be tricky to treat. The Home remedies for back acne below were a real for me. I felt really uncomfortable about wearing swimsuits on the beach and I was not willing to take chemicals and dermatological medication to get rid of it. This is how I started driving some research to find an alternative and I came out with the perfect Home remedies for back acne combo. Since I started using it, I barely have clogged pores and little whiteheads left. The time when I was concerned about applying sunscreen on my back is now over! Read below if you also face this issue and want to treat it naturally.

What are the causes of back acne?

Back acne is mostly due the pores clogging. The products you use obstruct the pores of your skin. For example your conditioner could be the problem, as well as your sunscreen.

Another cause is the sweat. If you do a lot of sport, it is possible that the sweat, if not cleaned properly block your pores. You have probably noticed that the back sweats easily. Hence black being my favorite color when I exercise (sweat marks are less noticeable on black than on bright colors) As any other part of your body, dead cells and dirt remains on your back if you do not wash it. It is as simple as that.\

It can also be genetic or hormonal. In those cases, it might be necessary to see a doctor. I am unfortunately not sure that those Home remedies for back acne will work on their own.

Home remedies for back acne: Prevention

The simplest thing to do, even if it seems obvious is to wash your back. I know it sometimes can be an arm stretching exercise, but it is necessary. If it makes the job easier, get yourself a sponge. However, be aware that it can be a source of bacteria. Do not think rinsing it with water is enough ladies, please make it shine! Especially after the gym.

Another easy habit to adopt is to tie up your hair when you pause your conditioner or your hair mask. Those types of products are really rich so they block your pores. You can avoid it easily by making sure that the conditioner remains on your hair and not on your skin.

Home remedies for back acne: Treatment

By following all the above Home remedies for back acne advise, you should already see an improvement. To get rid of the persistent spots and blackheads, you should follow the below recommendations.

Do a back scrub weekly. It is a classic, but it works. You can either buy a scrub or use some natural recipesIt will get rid of the remaining dirt and dead cells while unclogging your pore.

Finally, my personal touch! After every shower, once your back is clean, mix in your palms Aloe Vera Gel and a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil. Apply it on your back and get ready and pretty as usual 🙂 To get more information about Tea Tree Essential oil, you can refer to our essential oil guide.

I really hope that these Home remedies for back acne will work on you as much as on me. If you have any other tips, please share them with us.