Soap Cart

Soap Cart offers a wide range of oils, essential oils and soaps. Its handmade soaps come in all colors of the rainbow! They also come in a variety of designs and scents. For those in Malaysia who are interested in learning how to create soaps, Soap Cart offers courses throughout the year.


Soap Cart is based in Malaysia, in the city of Penang. A group of local artisans started the brand, because they didn’t think there were enough natural products on the market. They also wanted to create fun products that could be great gifts for family and friends.


  • Vegan

All of the this line’s products are completely free of any animal products.

  • Organic

This skincare is FDA and USDA certified organic. It is also Eco certified. All of the oils are pure and cold-pressed. 

  • Eco-friendly

Soap Cart products are eco-friendly, because they are made of only natural ingredients. Each soap and oil are chock full of natural nourishing properties, vitamins and antioxidants. This brand doesn’t use any chemicals, additives or artificial perfumes.

  • Sustainable

This skincare is sustainable, because it is completely biodegradable.The soaps will easily break down in water. They don’t contain any chemicals, additives or artificial perfumes, unlike many commercial soaps. So, they won’t pollute the water with chemicals.

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