Incode is a line of printed slogan t-shirts with optimistic fun messages. All prints and messages have a feminine fashionable design.The design details are minimalistic and each piece could pair with any other item in your wardrobe.  


Ekaterina Kostareva created Incode in 2016. She is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Ekaterina started off as a business analyst, but she was always interested in fashion. Then, she decided to dabble in design blogging, graphic design and fashion journalism. In 2014, she took a fashion design course online. After that, she decided to create her own brand. Incode is based on the idea that “clothes are our statement”.  And why not make that statement a positive one?


  • Vegan

Incode doesn’t use any animal materials in their clothing.

  • Fair Trade

It is Fair Trade approved. All tops have a Fair Share label. This means that workers are guaranteed fair working conditions.

  • Organic

Incode clothing is made with Indian cotton that is certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This means that the cotton is 100 percent organic.

  • Eco-friendly

Incode an eco-friendly brand, because it uses organic cotton. So the cotton doesn’t have any GMOs or chemicals. This line is also eco-friendly, because it makes its packaging from plant-based vegetable starch.

  • Sustainable

This brand is sustainable, because it makes its clothing from organic cotton. Also, it is sustainable, because it makes its packaging from vegetable starch. Traditional plastic packaging is non-renewable and contains chemicals. Incode prints all of its shirts on demand. This is a process the creator Ekaterina calls “slow fashion”. Unlike fast fashion, this brand doesn’t overproduce their clothing. Also unlike fast fashion, it uses quality materials so clothing lasts longer.

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