A word from Marine, the founder

Marine Leclerc Founder Attitude Organic

I love to call myself an Eco Mama

Because I want to hold your hand during your transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

When I moved to Asia, I faced difficulties to find my usual natural beauty products. I realised that finding natural, bio, organic and ethical products is not an easy task when you live in some places.

This is what gave me the idea to start Attitude Organic. At the beginning, I wanted it to be a simple Ethical Marketplace that will sell natural beauty products and sustainable fashion items affordable and accessible everywhere you live or feel like discovering.

However, after a while I felt like it was not enough, not authentic, not helpful. It had to be coupled with a kinder aspect, it had to be more than a business. I work really hard to make Attitude Organic a Community, a place where you find support, directions, knowledge. A website that helps you to make a better self and a better world.

I aim to help you define your sustainable goals and to support you during your sustainable journey. And it’s a long one so be kind to yourself.

If you have a question about how to adopt a sustainable lifestyle that works for you, please, please, please get in touch! I would love to support you personally and be your Eco Mama (aka: your sustainable coach).

With kindness and love