The truth about Jade rollers!

If you use Instagram, you probably noticed that jade rollers are taking your feed over. I did! In the first place I felt a bit outraged about the idea. I mean, how rolling a pink stone on your face could be of any help? It even actually looked as if it could hurt…

After a  few weeks and reading amazing reviews on the internet, I decided to give it a go. I promise it is not only to make my social media feed prettier… Here is my honest review of Jade Rollers so keep on reading!

The so-called Jade Roller benefits

The jade rollers are supposed to have many magic and natural benefits. Honestly, they look so cool that you wish the full list is true. As explained in Marie Claire, it sounds like a miracle!

Those jade rollers are supposed to have anti-ageing effects. Indeed the massage effect of the roller drains and tones your facial muscles which improves your contour.  By releasing the face tensions, it also reduce the aspects of those nasty fine lines.

They also stimulates your lymphatic system and boost your circulation which results in a natural detox and a brighter skin tone. Therefor, Jade rollers could be considered as a natural daily facial.

Besides, the massage occurring while you use your roller is also supposed to soothe and soften your skin. It would then reduce inflammation and heal breakouts.

Moreover, they apparently allow a better penetration of your skincare.

Finally, they are supposed to have a depuffing effects which would decrease your dark circles and under-eye bags.

The dermatologist’s point of view: do jade rollers work?

A brightening effect?

The fact that your increase the blood circulation to your face by putting pressure on your skin definitely have a brightening effect. However, it is a physical short term reaction. A a 30 second sprint could have the same effect.


It is depuffing! You increase the lymphatic drainage to your face so you temporary reduce the swelling.



Reduce Acne?


Enhance skincare penetration?

No sorry….

By reading those 3 negative answers, you must understand no direct effect. Indeed, the use of a jade roller won’t reduce your breakouts automatically.

However, by spending a few more minutes to massage yourself, you keep your stress level under control. And as everyone know, reducing your stress, will have an impact on your skin complexion. Your hormonal acne that can be due to stress could be improved and as you relax your face muscles, jade rollers could indirectly have a positive impact on your wrinkles.

Nevertheless, keep in mind Jade Rollers are not magic and have no ancestral Chinese stone power.

My opinion

I love Jade Rollers and I regret I had not give it a go earlier. I am fully aware that they won’t solve my acne issue or erase my expression fine lines but I find them amazing!

They are depuffing!

The cool effect is beneficial. I love using my roller in the morning and as I keep it in the fridge, it wakes me up. The feeling is amazing and I look less swollen just after using it.

It is therapeutic and relaxing

I am a big massage fan and I love spending those 2 extra minutes in the morning to take care of myself. I usually rush to work and start the day by stressing out. YES, I do know taking my time in the morning would be better but it’s one of the thing I have not managed yet.

Thus, using those jade rollers and taking my morning supplements with lemon juice are my quick me-time activities when I wake up. They allow me 5 minutes relaxation before work!

It helps me to improve my morning natural beauty routine

As you surely know, the way you apply your skincare is as important as the products you choose. Using my roller helps me to apply my skincare properly. Indeed, I apply my serum rolling it from my face centre to the sides, from my neck to my chin and form my eyebrows to my hair. In case you did not know, that is how it is recommended 😉

Also, as I use a tool instead of my hands, I take more time to massage my face. Thus,  I give more time to my serum to be absorbed before I apply my moisturiser.

It does not improve my acne

BUT!!!! it discourages me of touching my spots! Indeed, I stopped spending time double checking all my black heads and blocked pores wondering if I should extract them. I needed that time to use my roller instead so I gave up on that gross and counter productive ritual. As a result, I did notice a huge improvement of my acne conditions. It healed much quicker and the redness disappeared.

As a conclusion, jade rollers are not as cool as they are supposed to but they make my beauty routine more interesting. I love them for their relaxing effects and how it make me more conscious of my skin needs! I definitely recommend them!