Interview With An Health & Wellness Coach

Attitude Organic had the great opportunity to interview Edith Agoston, an health & Wellness coach who kindly agreed to share her opinion on current health topics. Keep on reading to discover what she has to say and to learn more about health & wellness coaching.

Attitude Organic: “Introduce yourself in a few words”

Edith: “I’m an integrative nutrition health coach and personal trainer who is passionate about health and this means I eat a vegan diet.”

What’s an healthy lifestyle?

Attitude Organic: “Do you think that people are currently confused about what is health & Wellness due to the media? “

Edith: “Absolutely! Unfortunately there is a lot of corruption big business, our food industry and the government and this corruption leads to false and misleading studies that even well respected functional medicine doctors follow which influences “influencers” who influence the rest of the population.”

Attitude Organic: “What would you define healthy in regards to your coaching experience?”

Edith: “Healthy is all encompassing, meaning it means you have healthy relationships, you eat well (plant based), you move your body, you mitigate toxin and emf exposure, you understand that you need to detox, you spend time in nature, you spend time with yourself, you help others, you challenge your mind and you have some sort of a spiritual practice.”

Attitude Organic: “What is the first common mistake that people make in regards to health & Wellness topics?”

Edith: “They follow fad diets”

Attitude Organic: “Would you say that most people are currently unhealthy?”

Edith: “Yes”

Health and Wellness Coaching

Attitude Organic: “How health and wellness coaching can help? What should people expect from Health & Wellness coaching?”

Edith: “Health coaches can help by sharing what they learned. This is our passion so we are always learning and staying up to date with the latest research and this is not something the average person does so they couldn’t possibly know what we know. People should expect information, they need to want to take that information then and want to apply it. A health coach can facilitate the assimilation of this information but the client Must desire change and be willing to implement it.”

Attitude Organic: “Who is it for? Are there some people for which it cannot work?”

Edith: “People who aren’t willing to change cannot be helped”

Attitude Organic: “Tell us how your approach of “health & Wellness Coaching” is different?”

Edith: “I look at every aspect of the person’s life because you can drink all the green juice in the world but if you go home to an unhappy relationship then disease will find a way to manifest in your body.”

Last thoughts about health

Attitude Organic: “Would you say that over thinking our health & wellness could lead to unhealthy behaviors?”

Edith: “If it’s causing you stress then yes because stress is the worst thing for the body.”

Attitude Organic: “What advice would you give to people who want to start adopting a healthier lifestyle?”

Edith: “They need to be open minded because they will have to do things they’ve never thought of doing before.”

We hope you enjoyed going through that interview as much as we did. If you want to learn more about Health & Wellness Coaching, visit Edith’s Website! You could also refer to our interview with The Food Psychology Clinic. They offer coaching to adopt healthy food habits in London!