Made From Recycled Materials

At Attitude Organic we take a strong stance against creating excess waste. Therefore, we don’t want to contribute to the overwhelming amount of environmental pollution that already exists. That is why we offer brands that create products from recycled materials. 

What is a product made from recycled materials?

Brands that make their products from recycled materials create products by repurposing old discarded items.

How are our products made from recycled materials?

We offer some bags and accessories made entirely from discarded materials, which include:

Recycled rubber, motor bike seat covers, rice and cement sacks and wood. 

Some of our brands make their bags and accessories from recycled rubber from tyre inner tubes and motor bike seat covers.

Another one of our brands makes its bags from recycled rice and cement sacks. It makes its bags long-lasting and water-resistant by fusing the sack material with cotton and coating it with Nano liquid glass.

Also, we offer some jewellery made from recycled wood from skate boards.

Most of the items we consider to be made from recycled materials have these qualities:


Sturdy thick rubber from tyres makes a great vegan alternative to leather. 

Eco-friendly and sustainable 

Products made out of recycled material are eco-friendly and sustainable. This is because, they give new life to old items, which prevents environmental waste. Items thrown away often end up in landfills or burned. Because of this, buying products made from old used materials also reduces air and water pollution. Also, because the materials you need to make the product are already in place, brands use less energy to make their items.