Madia & Matilda

Madia & Matilda is a line of handmade sustainable womenswear. The line includes dresses, skirts, shirts and trousers, among other items. The clothes feature sleek silhouettes made with both comfort and luxury in mind. The clothes are in very wearable colors and subtle detailed patterns. You can easily pair them with any other items items your wardrobe. These You can wear these pieces casually to the office or easily dress them up for a night on the town.


Shalize Nicholas founded Madia & Matilda. Shalize previously worked with retailers and designers. After working in Paris for Mary Karantzou, she became passionate about print and vintage fabrics. She the really enjoyed creating new designs out of recycled fabrics. Shalize launched her womenswear line in the Cotswold’s, in the UK, in 2013.


  • Organic

Madia & Matilda use organic cotton, linen and seacell in their garments. These fabrics are very breathable and comfortable to wear.

  • Eco-friendly

Madia & Matilda only uses eco-friendly fibres. That means that this line doesn’t use any fabrics with harmful chemicals. Harmful chemicals in clothing can be released into the atmosphere and water. They can also get onto the skin and cause irritation when worn. That’s the last thing you want to deal with during a busy work day.

  • Sustainable

Madia & Matilda is sustainable, because it only uses recycled fabrics. Shalize created the line with a strong belief in zero waste. The brand’s mission is to not attribute to the already large amount of waste in the environment. It only uses locally sourced materials. Also, no leftover fabrics are thrown away after production. Instead, this line re-uses all of the leftovers for new designs.

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