At Attitude Organic, we’re proud to offer high-quality handmade products. And we proudly support the artisans who make these high-quality products in innovative and creative ways. With these products, you can feel and see the time and effort put into each one.

What are handmade products?

Handmade products are products that are made individually by people, instead of mass produced by machines.

There is a person and story behind the item you buy. You can feel good knowing you bought something created by a person, instead of a big company. It makes your shopping experience more personal. 

How are our products handmade?

We offer many brands that make a variety of products by hand. These products include bags, accessories, clothing, skincare and cosmetics.

All of the items we classify as handmade are:


When something is handmade, you know that more time and care was put into it, then if it was machine-made. You can tell by looking at the item that the person that made it paid a lot of attention to detail. This results in a high-quality product.


Our brands that hand-make their products make each product individually. So, each product is completely unique. Because they are not machine-made, its impossible for any two products to be exactly the same.


Not only are they high-quality, but handmade products are also good for society. Buying hand-crafted products means supporting local artisans, which means supporting the community and the arts. And buying them means you are keeping local artisans employed, so they can keep creating beautiful one-of-a-kind products. This also keeping creating new jobs.


Handmade products are good for the environment as well. It takes less energy to create something by hand, then by using a mass production assembly line full of machines. If something is handmade, it usually means that it is made locally. This cuts any carbon emissions that come with shipping something from overseas.