From The UK

Many of our brands are from the UK, where they also locally source and make their products. When you purchase a product from these brands, you know exactly where your product is coming from.

What is a product from the UK?

It is a product that is made locally in the United Kingdom. This also means that most the products are made using materials and ingredients sourced locally.

How are our products from the UK?

We provide you with many locally made products, including clothing and skincare. 

All of the items we classify as being from the UK are:


Buying products from the United Kingdom (if you are also from there), helps support your community. It supports local businesses. Many big companies make products cheaply in bulk. These big companies often use factories with unethical working environments in overseas countries.


Our products created locally in the United Kingdom are also usually handmade by local artisans.


Brands that make their products locally aren’t creating large carbon footprints from shipping long distances. Therefore, their products are better for the environment.