Etrican is an ethical line of clothing for women and babies. All items are colourful, bright and fun. They are also stylish yet comfortable.


Yumiko Uno and Dragos Necula founded Etrican in Singapore. Yumiko and Dragos had an interest in fashion. They didn’t like how so many brands on the market were making clothing unethically. In 2009, Yumiko and Dragos decided to start their own fashion line, with more of a focus on the environment and factory workers.


  • Vegan

This line is vegan, because it does not use any animal materials.

  • Organic

All Etrican clothing is GOTS certified, which means that it’s made with organic cotton.

  • Eco-friendly

This brand is eco-friendly, because its makes its clothes with all-natural and plant-based materials.

  • Sustainable

Etrican clothing is sustainable, because they are organic and free from pesticides and chemicals. This clothing is also sustainable, because it is made from high-quality materials. This makes it long-lasting. 

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