Yoga for sex improvement

Do you know the song of the 90’s from Salt-N-Pepa saying “let’s talk about sex”? Well today ladies, let’s talk about sex and yoga! If you are still in doubts in if you should or not subscribe to a yoga class, I give you 3 minutes (or the time to read this article) before you run to the studio. Yoga for sex improvement is not a myth or a crazy idea! Read below to discover the yoga sex benefits.

Stronger orgasms: yoga for sex improvement!

Yoga for sex improvement

Standing positions, such as warriors and balancing poses increase your sphincter and urination muscles. Guess what the consequence of contracting those muscles is? It makes your orgasms much stronger. 3…2…1 Have you googled the closest yoga place to your office?

Two more yoga sex benefits: feel sexy right now

yoga sexy

Yoga makes you feel sexy! Indeed, the practice of yoga tones up your body, gives you a feel good energy and boosts your self confidence.

It also teaches you to enjoy the present time and to clear your mind. It results in you not thinking on how your belly look, but on how good the sex feels. You will not think about external factors anymore, but you will be fully conscious of your body.

Yoga rhymes with Kamasutra


By practicing yoga regularly you get more and more flexible. You can then use those asana and this new flexibility to try new positions with your partner. We could see sex as naked yoga, what do you think? Check those positions and let your imagination do the rest.

Last yoga sex benefits: less sleep more cheeky time!

60% of american are so tired that they crave sleep more than sex. What a shame! We want our bed (or any other places in our homes) to be dedicated to much more than sleep. While boosting your energy, yoga will allow you to spend some cheeky time instead of taking naps.

We are pretty sure that you are now convinced, who would not be? Now that you are ready to start yoga (and to have more orgasms), read our article to avoid common mistakes during your first yoga class.