F**k yoga competition: Outrage of the day

Today is a f**k day. By browsing the net, Attitude Organic encountered more and more yoga competitions and realised that it is not not one’s misunderstanding, nor an instagram picture that aims to gain billion likes. It is a real yoga competition. Can you see the oxymore? Read below if you do not.

What is the aim of yoga?

The very big aim of yoga is of course what the yogi defines. But let’s face it, if your target is to be more flexible than the blondie next to you, maybe you should take a deep breath and wonder if pilate is not a better option for you. We can understand that it brings you great satisfaction and we do not blame you, but try to go deeper in your practice because yoga is so much more than a split.

According to Yoga.com the main goals are:

  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Concentration
  • Mind and body challenge to achieve a ‘higher state of being’ (We admit that it sounds a bit intense)
  • Self realization
  • Tranquility
  • Inner peace

The list is long but can you see yoga competition somewhere??? NO! You can only compete with yourself and within your personal abilities. Always listen to your body!

But maybe our notion of competition is wrong so let’s check!

Can there be a thing like yoga competition?

Competition is “the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others.” (Oxford dictionary). Thus, in the view of the below list, we can confirm that yoga has nothing to do with competition. We think the proof is pretty straight forward, don’t you? Yoga is everything but defeating your yogi friend! This is a basic rule for yoga beginners. Read our article about the mistakes to avoid during your first yoga class.

Shame on the yoga competition

So all those yoga competitions, with all their crazy videos and asana that are only made to impress the audience or get bigger muscles should simply stop calling themselves yoga competition. At Altitude Organic we think that it should be called a gym competition instead of shaming and intimidating all the real good yogi.

The handstand does not have to be your ultimate goal ladies. Of course we would love to see you succeeding all the asanas you wish, but do it for yourself, when you are ready, not to show off on social media or on a stage. For the beginners, everyone has to start with the beautiful and more challenging than it may seem plank. NAMASTE