Why You Need Some Cork Bag in Your Life

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say ‘cork’? We won’t blame you if it is the bottle cap that keeps your wine fresh. Nevertheless, did you know that cork is a great material for your bag? It is eco-friendly, cruelty free and most importantly sustainable! Today, we will tell you why you need to have at least one cork bag in your life! If you are a green and sustainable products enthusiast, check this article out!

What is Cork?

Cork is an organic material that is produced from the bark of oak tree. Oak tree itself is native to southwest Europe and Northwest Africa. Portugal is the main producer of oak tree with over 50% cork produced worldwide.

Does that mean we have to cut trees? No, in fact the process does not harm trees at all! During the harvesting process, farmers extract or shave the bark of oak tree. They only take the outer part, leaving the whole tree to live and grow. Over the time (usually 9 years), a new layer of bark will grow back with the same thickness and composition, making it naturally renewable, green and sustainable. Nature is truly the best!

Since cork is undoubtedly environmentally-friendly, latest technology of machinery has made it even safer for the tree. It can extract the bark without causing any injuries. Therefore, cork is definitely a great fabric alternative if you are an environmentally conscious buyer!

Cork Would Make a Great Bag Material 

PETA named cork fabric as an excellent alternative to faux leather and regular leather due to its similar (even better and less toxic) properties. This means, cork as a base material for bag and other fashion purposes does no harm to the environment.

  1. Soft and Unique

Once processed, cork fabric is as soft as faux leather or genuine leather. Also, cork is a material that mimics human’s fingerprint due to it natural tissue. You wont find the same pattern in different kind of cork bag!

  1. 100% Natural

As mentioned before, the process of obtaining cork is natural. Thus cork is 100% reusable and biodegradable, and does not emit any toxic or synthetic chemical while it decomposes.

  1. Extremely Light

50% of its volume is made up of air. It is so light that it can actually float on water. A cork bag allows you to carry your things without adding to much weigh on our back!

  1. Water and Wear Resistant

The waxy substance on its surface makes it water and moisture resistant. Also, microscopically cork has a honeycomb structure which makes it sturdy and highly resistant to abrasion. You don’t have to worry about spending too much money on getting a new bag as cork bag will last a long time! (talking about slow fashion here.)

  1. Impenetrable to Gas and Liquid

Since cork is water resistant, it resists moisture which allow your cork bag to grow old without looking deteriorated!

Our Choice of Cork Bag

Now we know why a cork bag is a great long-term investment due to its numerous benefits. Especially if you are a busy and active person, who often carry lots of things and probably loves outdoor activities. Cork bag is an excellent alternative to a vegan and more sustainable fashion products. Thinking to get one? We have several UK/EU based brands for you to check out!


Moddanio bag of corks

This UK based brand produces 100% natural, vegan, anti-bacterial cork bags with easy post-purchase care. Our favourite is their Saturi Cork Crossbody Bag (£75). Great for weekends or city travelling!

Cork & Co

cork bag portugal

Cork & Co is a Portugal based company that makes cork bags with high quality Portuguese cork. Their Round Backpack is our favourite (90€). Suitable for outdoor activities or travelling that requires you to take lots of stuff!


Cork Material Bag Pelcor

Pelcor is also a Lisbon- based fashion brand that clearly focuses on producing cork-based products. We love their Pecan Shopper (195€). Definitely on the pricier side but hey, it has great quality which stays for a long time so why not, right? This type of cork bag has interesting woven details which would be presentable for office fashion!

We hope you are now convinced to get yourself a cork bag! You can also look at Matt and Nat Vegan bags if you prefer vegan leather. Have you also though about getting an organic cotton dress to style it with the bag? Our dresses are ethically produced and certified organic cotton! The maxi dress is perfect for a romantic weekend.