Why Should You Trust My Ethical Marketplace?

We can see more and more ethical marketplaces online. We even read a lot about big fashion players entering the sustainable and ethical fashion game: Asos and Net a Porter to just name a few. In all honesty, they all have they pros and cons and I do enjoy some of them. Although, there is space for all of us, I truely belive you should trust me and my Ethical Shopping website!

My difficulties are probably the same than yours

When I moved to Asia, I faced difficulties to find ethical fashion. Purchasing  products that are vegan, made to last, ethically produced and eco-friendly is not an easy task everywhere. This is what gave me the idea to start Attitude OrganicAt the beginning, I wanted it to be a simple Ethical Marketplace that will sell natural beauty products and sustainable fashion items affordable and accessible everywhere you live or feel like discovering.

However, after a while I felt like it was not enough, not authentic, not helpful. It had to be coupled with a kinder aspect, it had to be more than a business. I work really hard to make Attitude Organic a Community, a place where you find support, directions, knowledge. A website that helps you to make a better self and a better world. 

I am all kindness and education

In order to respect my own core value, I always share knowledge first! I do not want you in any case to purchase a product you do not need. That would never be ethical or sustainable. Honesty and education are my priorities.

I want you to be conscious, clear on what you need thanks to the content I share with. I aim to teach you to buy only the product you really need. My engagement here is to provide you with a range of ethical and sustainable fashion brands you can choose from!

I selected brands I love for you

All the brands we selected are ethical and conscious of the environment. Depending on your own shopping priority (well yes because you might value vegan fashion, whereas your friend believes her closet should be made in the UK), our brands are: 

  • Made in the UK in order to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the shipping distance. It also allows you to support local communities. 
  • Made to last. Your latest dress can be as vegan as it could, if you have to throw it away after wearing it seven times only, it cannot be sustainable, nor kind. 
  • In natural fibers / organic cotton. The fabric and material of your garment can be polluting without you realising. Wearing natural fiber pieces is not only better for your skin and health but also for the environment. 
  • Giving Back: some of our brands gives back to charity programs to go one step further and allow you to rock your ethical goals!
  • Vegan approved by PETA. Animal welfare is one of our main concern so we make sure that the brands we work with are on the same line. 
  • Fair trade: we make sure that the brands we work with treat their people well all along the supply chain.

What do my customers think?

I love that dress in organic cotton. Thanks to you I discovered organic and vegan products. I can’t wait to wear it.


I love the awareness you bring to this!

About Ethical Fashion

I’ve seriously learned so freaking much about this stuff from following you! I would otherwise have no idea about any of this stuff. I stare at spreadsheets all day ? so thank you!

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