Why I stopped fighting with my friends about veganism!

I used to try to convince or persuade my friends, according to their profiles to go for veganism. It would usually end up as an argument, a loud crisis during which nobody would listen to the others.

As you guess, it was leading nowhere. So I decided to stop and I think you should do too. Hold on before reacting strongly, you will get my point very soon because I am obviously still cruelty-free! Just read up until the end ?

Extremism sounds crazy

Honestly, the more I argue and get emotional about my own believes, the less convincing I sound.

Change is scary and pushing it to people through “violent” words and gestures will not help. If you try to scare them with terrific figures, they will deny it all just for the sake of it.

I felt like being aggressive never helped and only lead to strange arguments, such as:

“But if we stop breeding animals, how do we do organic farming? Organic farming needs animal manure to function, otherwise you are forced to use fertilisers, which pollute as much as the production of meat. I was vegetarian, and then when I thought this I re-started to eat meat…”

You can find the debate under one of my quotes on our Instagram. I was chocked an mad in the first place but I stepped back and try to understand the other’s argument. I sort of got the logic behind such a statement, even though I totally disagree.  I then backed up my point of view (calmly) and the debate slightly evolved in a sort of “compromise idea”.


I am happy with my lifestyle and I respect other’s opinions as long as they respect mine. I don’t have to agree but insulting never helps!

Be open minded and show the example to your friends. Who knows? Maybe they will do the same and ask questions about your eating habits in return.

Besides, I am all about being kind and karma.

It doesn’t serve the cause!

As said above, pushing for the sake of it can’t work. People will never listen to you if you go too far and too strong.

As you probably noticed in the media, the vegan bashing is stronger and stronger. My opinion is that because of open fights, people see vegans as wild creatures. We could say the same to extremist feminists really!

I would rather not talk about my personal choices based on my own believes if people are not willing to listen. Even worst, in some cases it could be counter productive.

I got bored of narrow minded people!

As highlighted in all the previous points, after a few strong disputes, I got bored. I am not asking for permissions, I am just sharing about my experience. I stopped trying to convince people because at the end of the day, if they are not ready to have a constructive discussion, what’s the point?

There is always room for improvement

I am a bit ashamed of admitting it but I am still transitioning. There are some situations where I can’t resist a piece of cheese.

Meat is defo a no go, as well as milk, yogurt and eggs. However, it happens that I lose some interior fights. As it usually happens during social events, there is always someone to remind me that I am losing credibility.

Here is my approach!

I started looking into veganism less than 2 years ago and I sometimes have obsessive behaviours. Thus I did not want my transition to start out of the blue.

I first stopped meat, then milk, then egg, then cheese at home. I have fish very rarely and cheese on pizzas but it’s already such a big step, isn’t it? I am very proud to look back and inpatient to see how far I am able to go.

I know that bit might encourage hard reactions so please, be kind and supportive ?

And that works!

When I calmly explain to people that veganism is my choice and they can do whatever they want.

When I make sure to share that it is hard but that it is a transition that can take months.

When I don’t argue or don’t get mad at them.

And of course when I am lucky enough to have an educated, curious, open minded friend in front of me…

That person agrees to give it a go! Not to become vegan but to reduce meat, milk and cheese. When that happens, I am very happy and feel like I did contribute to our cruelty-free revolution!

This article is written by Marine, our lovely founder who wanted to share our own approach and share her daily life experience. Read more vegan articles on the blog!