Why Can’t You Slow Down?

Can you slow down? Can you take a break? Are you even able to do less? Like really… Those questions might seem silly at first but they are not for change makers! I experienced activism burnout and I have witnessed other activists, eco warriors and sustainable business owners on their way there too.

Watch out…

When you are exhausted, anxious or just feeling off, are you REALLY able to take some time off to slow down? Or do you ignore it and keep pushing because: you have so much work to do, you need to fight to change the world, you need to learn more and you NEED to (insert whatever you think you need to do here)? I know how that feels because I’ve been there! Keep going, keep pushing and you’ll get there, right?

The truth is…

You don’t have to keep pushing! In fact you’ll succeed if you slow down. You’ll get there if you take care of yourself. You’ll get there if you magnetize people with your energy. And to shine, you need to take care of your body, your mind and your soul. You need to rest and do the inner work. 

A while back, I was feeling off so I slowed down. I did very little work, I put on hold my projects to change the world and I prioritized myself. It looked like a lot of meditation, yoga, emotional mastery, mindset work AND time spent in nature! That was the most productive thing I could do for myself, for my clients, for my mission, for you and for Mother Earth. I recharged. 

I know it’s not easy because we can’t just choose to rest. We want to but something holds us back. If that’s you, you might want to look into your current story and narratives. 

Here are some prompts:

  • Do you believe that you are responsible for saving the world? 
  • Do you believe that if you stop being in action you’ll be of less value? 
  • Do you believe that if you take a break you’ll be less loved? 
  • Do you believe that prioritizing yourself is failing everyone else? 

Really tune in and look into it. Why can’t you slow down? There is a deeper why to neglecting yourself!

I hope that this blog post was useful and I suggest that you journal on the questions above. Don’t forget that if you’ve been in “go mode” for years, it will take time to learn a new way to be. It might come with some discomfort but it is safe to sit there.

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Written by Marine Leclerc

Photo de Roberto Nickson sur Unsplash