First yoga class: mistakes to avoid!

Our last article about how yoga can improve your work performance convinced you? You want to try yoga and you already got your membership? Good job, we are happy to know that you managed to make it fit in your schedule. Now, you need to know what are the mistakes you need to avoid during your first yoga class. Read below to be ready for your first session, you will not regret it!


First yoga class tips breath

You will notice that some yoga poses can be difficult to hold. The wheel for example, when you contract your abdominal, can be a tricky one. Especially if you have not done any exercise for a while… But you need to resist to hold your breath! Breathing is what brings oxygen to your muscles and allows you to hold the asana, so go for it fully! Do not be embarrassed to be loud, every yogi will tell you that you should feel free during your practice and that no one is here to judge you!

Do not push your body too hard

Handstand Yoga

It is your first yoga class, you want to shine and be proud of yourself. But keep in mind that yoga is not a common sport. You are not here to be the best performer and to win a game. It is all about listening to your  body and to yourself. The whole purpose of your practice is to know where to stop. “No pain no gain doesn’t apply to yoga,” says the famous yogi Kimberly Fowler, author of Flat Belly Yoga!

Do not compare yourself to the other yogi

It is completely against the yoga philosophy! Yoga is about your body and your inner self, not a competition. The important is your own progress and how you feel. Trying to make a split like the stranger on your right will only help you to break your leg… Especially if it is your first yoga class and that you just realize that you are not as flexible as you had assumed during your bathroom cleaning sessions.

Choose the good spot

Yoga class choose good spot

In the opposite of what you can think, the back is the best option. Our shy beauties will be happy. Indeed the yoga teacher moves around to help the yogi so not being at the first row should not be a problem. Do not go for the very last one though, you will often face the back, so make sure you always have someone to follow: necessary during your first practice.

Food is fuel

Like any practice, you should not come with an empty stomach. However make sure that you are not food pregnant. You need a small portion full of nutrient, try one (and only one, greedies be aware!) toast with banana and peanut butter.

Do not skip the basic asana

Basic asana

You surely want to show to your Instagram followers that you master the handstand, but be reasonable and take your time. To do it properly, you need strength, flexibility and balance, that are built thanks to the basic poses. Listen to your instructor, he is the best to advise you. Be patient and keep motivation by checking this instagram.

Do not forget Savanna


It is the last and most useful part. You could find it boring, as it only consists of lying down and meditating, but please do not skip it. It helps you to absorb the benefits of the practice and to peace your mind. It will set you up in the right mindset for the rest of the day/week. You built up all the way to this asana, do not ruin your practice.
You now know what to expect and the basic rules. But do not forget that at the end, only one thing matters: have fun! NAMASTE