What does Ethical Fashion mean? Meet Laura

I hope you guys enjoy that interview serie a much as I did! Here is the fifth and last ethical fashion blogger I will introduce to, Laura! (At least the last for now!)

I love she balances sustainability and lifestyle. I definitely believe that there is no compromise to be made! Keep reading and let me know in a comment if you wish to see more interviews on the blog!

1) Introduce yourself in a few words.

Laura Botero, also known as Ecostyle Blog, Colombian native, that beautifully brought my two biggest passions together- fashion and nature. I use my online presence to bring goodness into both these fields by promoting a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

2) What does ethical/sustainable fashion means to you?

Sustainable means to treat the planet as if we were planning on staying because there is “NO PLANET B.”

3) According to you, what is the main aspect of that movement and what should we fight for as a priority?

Definitely plastic pollution is the main aspect we need to fight.

4) When did you start changing your shopping habits?

I’ve always had a great respect for nature. It’s been difficult to read about how human beings are harming the environment, so I started about 5 years ago and decided to created Ecostyle to bring awareness to environmental issues. I want people to understand that they can live a sustainable life without compromising their lifestyle.

5) How is your closet at the moment?

Honestly my closet at the momento is full of basic garments, easy to mix and match, and mostly in neutral colors, I am very minimalist when it comes to fashion as you can see in my instagram @ecostyleblog

6) If you had to give an advice to someone who want to start changing its shopping habit what would it be?

Quality over quantity. Ask yourself if you really need it before you buy it. Think about the repercussion that every item you buy will have in our environment.

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