What does Ethical Fashion mean? Meet Amma

Were you looking forward the third interview of ethical fashion bloggers as much as we did? We already learned about Rosa’s and Oorja’s definitions and ideas about ethical fashion but we wanted to give you even more.

Sooo let us intorduce you to Amma. We love that she puts the emphasis on the role of governments and big corporations in the ethical fashion movement. Will you recognise your own values in hers? Keep reading to figure it out!

1) Introduce yourself in a few words.

My name is Amma Aburam, I’m Ghanaian and French and I’m passionate about sustainable and ethical fashion.

2) What does ethical/sustainable fashion mean to you?

To me ethical and sustainable fashion equals a fair fashion industry which takes into account the impact it has on people and the planet. Especially, by making sure that the impact is socio-economically and culturally as healthy and positive as it can be.

3) According to you, what is the main aspect of that movement and What should we fight for as a priority?

First, we should fight for workers rights and good working conditions. Fashion is about people and the most important people in the industry are those who make our clothes, without them we would not have the clothes, so they deserve to work and live in dignity.

Second, we need to fight big corporations and get political. Corporations do the most harm to the planet through their production processes and need to know that we as consumers are not happy with that.

Then policy makers need to be influenced in order to set up tighter laws to regulate corporations and to hold citizens accountable.

4) When did you start changing your shopping habits?

Two years ago after watching Andrew Morgan’s The True cost documentary. It drastically changed my relationship to clothes and fashion. I didn’t shop for three months after watching it.

5) How is your closet at the moment?

My latest clothes obsession is clothes swapping because it allows me tonever acquire more than I need. I’m able to get clothes by giving awaywhat I have already/no longer need so I’m never in excess.

I buy from sustainable brands what I truly adore or can’t find second hand. For my favourite brands, check out my brands page here.

My main concern is how do we create a true circular economy in fashion.

6) If you had to give an advice to someone who wants to start changing their shopping habits what would it be?

It would say: educate yourself as much as possible. We all know about sweatshops but how much do we actually know? Educating yourself on the details of how horrific the negative impact of fast fashion is on people and the planet will certainly not leave you unchanged. You will want to do something about it!

Then, shop second hand/vintage! It’s the best!

So how did you like Amma’s definition of Ethical Fashion? Is it close to yours? Let us know in a comment and do not forget to check her blog.