What Crystals Do I Need?

In our guide to to crystals for healing, Attitude Organic explained to you what are those gemstones, their benefits and if they can improve your daily life (or not!) If you keep reading around the subject, it is surely because you are interested and you probably now wonder “what crystals do I need?”. Indeed we count many different types of crystals for healing and it can be difficult to choose the one for you. Read below to get a better understanding on the matter.

You want crystals for healing?

Let’s say that you are interested in getting your own crystals for healing (or for whatever reasons you have), keep in mind that each crystal has its own unique energy. Thus, they  all suit special needs! Here is the list of common pretty stones you can choose from according to the issue you want to fix!

What Crystals Do I Need for love?

Rose Quartz! This pretty looking soft-pink gemstone is the best if you feel like you lack of romance (aw!). This crystal vibrates loving, compassionate and affection energies. So if you feel like you want extra self-love or need some anger management help, this might suit you!

What Crystals Do I Need to uplift my mood?

Crystals rose

Amethyst! This gem has a strong purple/violet colour. It is known that this colour has the strongest wavelength which might help you in those tiring and unmotivated days. This crystal might help to uplift your mood!

What Crystals Do I Need for positive vibes?


what crystal do i need

Black Tourmaline! You must have experienced one of those days where you feel like negative vibes surround you. This gem will help you! Black tourmaline help to neutralised energy that could convert negative energy into positive one!

Feeling confused?

Crystals for healing

Sometimes in life you might feel lost and have no idea where to go. Luckily in the brown healing stones category, Tiger’s Eye will help you to find a way. Indeed, it clears your mind, shows the path of life, it guides and protects you.

Yoga fan?


If you are fan of yoga and meditation, you might need this! Clear quartz crystal will help you to cleanse your mind and absorb the best energy.

Feeling like running to get your crystals for healing now? We suggest Buddha on a bicycle because not only we love the store name bu it is also one of the best in London!