2022: Fresh Vision for Attitude Organic & Setting the Tone for the Sustainability Revolution

Dear changemakers, 

Before I detail my idea of an overdue Sustainability Revolution, I’d like to share with you vulnerably! I have been postponing that post for a while because I did not know how to phrase it, how to explain it and how you will receive it. Showing my flaws to the world, to you is tough but I am up for the challenge. I hope that this piece will offer new perspectives, start the conversation and be welcomed with an open and compassionate mind. 

My Life Shifted in 2021

As some of you may know, I joined a life coaching certification program by Alyssa Nobriga  in January 2021 and that completely shifted my life. I initially decided to do so in order to offer a safer container within my sustainable lifestyle mentoring program. Little did I know that the depth of the work I put in and the transformation I went through would be the most challenging and magical experience. “I woke up to my inherent worth and value” as Alyssa says. I learnt to love myself fully, as a whole, no matter what. Even in the rough times, even in the shame, even when I make mistakes. I healed traumatic experiences, I embraced all parts of my identity and I claimed that I wanted better for myself

When I say I wanted better, I mean more time off, more financial stability, more inner peace, more fun. Less hustle! It opened my eyes to how unsatisfying Attitude Organic was at that point. (Don’t panic, there is a happy ending to that story). I was bored of sustainability. Such an ugly truth that it took me months to admit it to myself and to my amazing friend and business coach, Ruby. I felt lost. Who was I without Attitude Organic? What would I do? How could I just let go of 3 years of my life? It was both scary and liberating. I was free from sharing sustainable lifestyle hacks when all I could see was what I was NOT doing for Mother Earth. I felt like I was lying to you by advertising something that was out of alignment. So when I finally acknowledged that I wanted to take a break and explore something new, I sensed a huge relief! 

I Explored New Pathways & Business Ideas

This is how I went deep into life coaching, growing my business offline, serving dozens of women from my expat community in Mexico City. I supported those women in claiming what they deeply desired. I helped them see what they could not see within themselves, uncover their limiting stories and the self-sabotaging patterns that kept them safe. I had them find the self-confidence and the inner strength they needed to finally go after what they wanted: launch the business, apply to the master program, write the book, become a calmer mom, strengthen their relationships… That was so rewarding and fun, for a while. 

And I Came Back To My Original Mission

Quickly enough, I felt out of purpose. I was missing working with beautiful, caring and conscious souls. My core values were shouting at me to come back to my truth and to my vision for the world. A world that is fair to everyone, where we live in harmony with Mother Earth and all beings. I missed Attitude Organic and it hit me that even though I am a life coach and I can coach on all areas of one’s life, I am not meant to coach everyone. I am meant to coach my tribe. The changemakers who deeply care about social and environmental issues. Just like that, I came back to Attitude Organic.

Looking back, have I ever left the sustainability realm? Or have I just explored another side of it? I helped women join environmental masters programs, build up sustainability IG accounts, fill their cups as activists… What if guiding those women on their healing journey had an even bigger impact on the environment than me sharing about recycling? 

I strongly believe that if we do the work to heal ourselves, to find what and who we are, to claim what our hearts want (not our ego), the world would be a better place. I have always seen sustainability as outer action + inner work. That’s what I offered to the amazing ecowarriors I worked with and it’s time for me to go even deeper. 

My New Vision: Leading The Sustainability Revolution.

I wanna bring sustainability to a brand new level! What does it mean for an individual to live a sustainable life? Forget about the green bias for a second. What does it mean to you to live a more sustainable life? More joy? More meaning? More peace? Slowing down? Waking up every morning excited about the day ahead? Am I right? Because you see, I am vibrating typing those words! I am feeling deep into my bones that sustainability can flow through you, through me, through all of us. I want it to come from the inside out and spill all over humanity and Mother Earth. How could we ever build a sustainable future if we were miserable in it? 

Just picture this!

What would the world be like if we were all in love with ourselves? 

What would the world be like if we were happy with what we do? 

What would the world be like if we did not need to own more to feel important? 

What would the world be like if we were able to connect with people around us without being triggered? 

What would the world be like if we knew that no matter what, we can find peace within ourselves? 

What would the world be like if we finally see that we are good enough just the way we are? 

Don’t you think most of us would buy less, waste less, be more conscious, more supportive and start more projects that matter in such a world? I do because I saw it. That’s the transformation I went through. That’s the transformation I witnessed my clients going through. 

Back to Attitude Organic and my unique vision of sustainability for 2022. I am ready to bring AO to its next level. AO is more than a brand. AO is my world. A world where sustainability is not only an environmental, social and economical concept, nor a lifestyle or a cause to fight for. Attitude Organic is all about sustainability as a new way of being with yourself and with others, a new way of acting that respects Mother Earth and all beings, including yourself. I don’t want sustainability as a constraint or a sacrifice. I want sustainability to come from love, a gift from self to self and to others. I want sustainability to flow through you, not be pushed on you.

I want our beautiful souls to wake up to what they are, to their worth, to their power, to their connection to the whole, to what they deeply want so they can claim sustainability for themselves: a happier, more peaceful and more meaningful life. 

And yes that results in reducing your waste and transitioning towards a plant-based diet, and yes that’s how I’ll call our tribe in. But what I aim to deliver is a lot deeper, it involves loving ourselves so deeply that we build that dream life for ourselves. Isn’t it what it means eventually to build a sustainable life for oneself? A life where we are content with a healthy ego that won’t push you to over- consume, eat, do, buy, waste, destroy Mother Earth to compete with the Joneses whom you despite. A life where we care for ourselves and the world we live in equally and don’t beat ourselves up for what we do wrong. Well that’s where the magic of life coaching happens! Make yourself so confident, calm, joyful and whole that the only thing you wanna do is good for yourself, others and our world. Start that green business, recover from that eco-anxiety, learn to create meaningful relationships, find that self-confidence and that inner peace. 

We can’t create a sustainable world if we are miserable and we can’t be happy in a broken world. To protect Mother Earth, we gotta take care of ourselves. And taking care of Mother Earth will nourish our souls. Perfect virtuous cycle! 

How It Impacts Attitude Organic & You

You entered my world, Attitude Organic’s world through sustainability and I appreciate you for that immensely. Welcome to our conscious changemakers community! Now that you’re here, I see 3 paths for you. 

  1. Let’s go deep and create sustainability from the inside-out. Let’s work on you and develop within you all you need to create a powerful shift in our world. I am here to support beautiful souls to heal, embody their best selves and create a ripple effect that will spread the kindness, fairness and « careness » that will heal Mother Earth. 
  2. Let’s keep it simple and straight to the point! I love sharing with change makers & eco-warriors my proven framework to build a sustainable lifestyle that will feel good to you and drastically reduce your impact on Mother Earth. 
  3. Keep learning as much as you can from my free ressources here and on Instagram and don’t forget to implement.

Whatever path you pick is up to you, they all work 🙂 Follow your intuition and trust that you know what’s best for you right now. And remember, one way doesn’t exclude the other. It can be both, and…