Vegan makeup brands: Inika

At Attitude Organic, we spent a lot of time trying vegan makeup brands and we have to admit that finding cruelty free brands that suits you is tough. It is generally hard to find a lipstick that is the good colour, that suits your skin tone, that does not dry your lips and that does not fade away after a sip of water. Add the vegan criteria on the top of it and the mission becomes a journey. Shall we talk about foundations? Even worst!

Luckily, we found Inika! This cruelty free and vegan makeup brand offers a vast range of products that covers all your makeup needs. Their items are great quality, trendy and last long. Keep reading to learn more about the brand and to find out what products are our favourites!

Inika in the top Vegan makeup brands

Inika is an Australian cruelty free makeup brand founded in 2006. They are now recognised worldwide as one of the best natural makeup brands and they ban animal testing. They use ingredients that are ethically sourced and that are derived from botanicals and minerals. If you look for a makeup brand that care for your health, people, environment and animals, Inika is perfect for you.

Besides, they offer a vast and complete range of cruelty free makeup, including: vegan foundation, Vegan makeup brushes, vegan mascara and vegan lipstick. It is trendy, respectful and affordable.

Among our fav’ vegan makeup brands

You might wonder: “why this one among all the vegan makeup brands?” and you are right. We love Inika not only because their products make you look cool and are high quality but also because they do natural, organic and cruelty free makeup!

Moreover, we really appreciate that they are certified, no green washing guaranteed. Indeed, Inika gives you a peace of mind in your makeup choice so you can looking amazing while respecting the world around us. 

Vegan products review

Vegan foundation

Inika Vegan Foundation

The Inika foundation is a must because it is perfect to finish your daily cruelty free makeup and is suitable for vegans. You can also use it directly on your favourite natural cream and your skin will still look fresh, flawless without shining. This foundation allows you not to skip the moisturising phase as it remains the most important to look younger.

Thus it does not clog the pores, it looks super natural, it does not dry out your skin and it protects it from the sun. Let’s admit it, it is marvellous!

The vegan eyeshadow

Inika Vegan Eyeshadow

At Attitude Organic, we love natural looks that makes you look healthy and fresh. The Inika creme eyeshadow is ideal for this natural look while being vegan friendly. It makes your look brighter and helps to reduce your dark circles. We love how easily it is to apply, a few drops on your fingertips and put it around your eyes. It takes only one minute for you to look less tired in the busy mornings. We advise you to apply it in the internal corner of your eyes and underneath the eyebrows.

The vegan lisptick

Inika vegan lipstick

Final touch, the naked kiss vegan lipstick ! Unfortunately it is not sold on the Inika website anymore (for some reason) but you still can find it at Lovelulla’sWe love its nude and natural shade that makes your lips delicious but still remains discreet. We find it perfect as a 9 to 5 look! If you want to make it look brighter, feel free to add some gloss on the top. It will look more glamorous

We hope this review gave you a better idea of what to expect from certified vegan makeup brands. You will probably love Inika as much as we do.

Let’s be gorgeous naturally!