Vegan eggs in a bottle? Yes that’s a thing now!

A new plant-based egg replacement is hitting the shelves of the 2,100 grocery stores owned by Kroger, in the U.S. 

The future of eggs is here! Vegans rejoice! Just Egg is the latest hot ticket vegan item, since the recent launch of the Impossible Burger in the last couple of years. Not to mention, just a few months ago, Mildreds restaurant introduced the UK’s first vegan burger that actually bleeds when you cut it!

Now there are more and more options for those who don’t want to eat meat for ethical reasons, but still enjoy the taste of it. And the same is becoming possible for those that love a hearty fry-up or a fluffy omelette for breakfast, but don’t want to eat eggs! 

What’s in this plant-based egg replacement?

Just Egg is a liquid plant-based egg replacement that comes in a bottle. What is the magic ingredient that gives it the look, feel and taste of eggs when cooked? Mung beans. The mung beans in this mixture are what allows it to gel together just like real scrambled eggs. And Just Egg gets its egg-like golden colour from the spice, turmeric.

Mung beans are little green coloured beans originating from Asia. The bean sprouts, often found in many Asian dishes, usually come from mung beans. These little beans are jam packed with protein. So, you won’t miss out on any of the protein you can get from eggs, by eating this plant-based egg replacement. Mung beans are also rich in other nutrients like amino acids, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium and fibre. 

And Just Egg doesn’t just get its golden colour from turmeric, but other health benefits as well. Like mung beans, turmeric also originates from Asia and is often used in yellow curries. Turmeric is good for your body, because it contains an ingredient called curcumin. Curcumin is an antioxidant and is has very anti-inflammatory properties. 

With these mung bean eggs, you aren’t just limited to making a scramble or omelette. You can also use  Just Eggs to cook other dishes as well. On their website, The Just Company also recommends also using their product for making sweet treats like waffles and french toast.

The Just Company is based in California and was started in 2011. It has a few other vegan products already out on the market. In addition to mung bean eggs, it also makes vegan mayonnaise, salad dressing and cookie dough. 

Are these mung bean eggs available in Europe?

Just Egg has yet to make its European debut. But, good news, it will be coming very soon! Just Egg is partnering with European vegan egg company, Eurovo. It should be make its way across the pond by the end of this year. 

Feeling like you can’t wait to try it? Well, this new plant based egg replacement is not the first of its kind. Although the Just Company does offer the only mung bean eggs on the market, there are other vegan egg alternatives already available. If you’re missing the taste of eggs in your vegan diet, try out  one of these other alternatives while you wait for Just Egg.

Other plant-based egg replacements

1. Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Egg. As an added bonus, this product, like real eggs, comes packaged in a traditional cardboard carton.

2. Orgran’s Vegan Easy Egg

3. Vegg’s Vegan Egg Yolk

If you’re interested in expanding your vegan lifestyle and learning more about other vegan options, check out our post on all the different plant-based milk alternatives!