At Attitude Organic we try to promote a healthy vegan lifestyle. This extends beyond diet. We provide you with verified vegan options for the many different aspects of your life.

What is a vegan product?

A vegan product is a product that isn’t made with any animal materials. 

How are our products vegan?

We offer many bags, accessories, clothing and skincare that have been verified to contain absolutely no animal materials. Many of these brands have been officially certified by animal-welfare organisations such as PETA.

The items we consider vegan have at least one if not all of these qualities:

Made-from-recycled materials

Many of our vegan brands make their bags and accessories from recycled materials. These materials are sturdy and have been chosen, because they are good alternatives to leather in both look and feel. For example, many of these brands create faux leather products out of recycled rubber from tyre inner tubes

Plant-based and natural

To make ethical products free from animal materials, our brands use plant-based products instead. This includes nourishing essential flower oils in our skincare products and breathable fabrics like cotton in our clothing items.


Our clothing brands make their pieces using certified organic plant-based fabrics. Our skincare brands also create their products using plant oils and butters.


Using plant-based materials in our products instead of animal-based, makes them eco-friendly. These products don’t contain any harmful chemicals that could pollute the environment. Sourcing animal products creates a lot of harmful methane and carbon emissions that pollute the air. Whereas, the way vegan products are made is a lot more environmentally safe and helps preserve earth’s wellbeing.